A brief theory of Karma Yoga – Part One

All of us have heard the word karma from our family members. For, e.g. you will get the fruit of your karma or we get to live the life based on our karma. There are many books also written on Karma yoga, but the most profound reference can be seen in the Bhagwad Gita. There are so many things that we really do not understand that happens in life and most of the time we try to link it with the fruits of karma. We just utter the word like a parrot without understanding it. What is this Karma? what is its purpose and why it is important to grasp the concept of Karma yoga for the spiritual growth?

There are no written rules, but we can see the references from some ancient books on the meaning of Karma. Our intellectual level might not have the capacity to understand this concept completely. However, we can always attempt to get the glimpse of it and then use it as a thread to reach our destination. As per what I have read and what I have understood, Karma is anything that we do physically, verbally or mentally. Even our thoughts count. Basically, sum of everything that we do from the time of our birth till the time of our death. I have not come across any literature yet which talks about karma post death. Continue reading

4 ways to improve your overall energy

Sometimes we are not able to do the simplest thing because we are tired or we do not have the energy to do it. On some days we can finish the work of two people and yet don’t feel any tiredness. Why do we see such massive differences? The answer can be found in the study of energy. We are aware that we all are made up of energy and everything around us is also energy. Our physical appearance and how strong we feel is dependent on the level and kind of energies that we are storing inside us. Those days when we feel tired, our consumption of energy is more than what we have gathered. In this article, we will study as how can we store more and quality energy so that we can live a good life.

We all think that we get energy from food. Food is the biggest source of our energy but is not the only source. Even water can give us the required energy. Just to understand it deeper. In reality, we intake the energy from the Sun. Plant survives on the light of the sun and store it in the form of energy. The plant is then eaten by either Man or by animals. This is the transformation of energy from one form to another. Similarly, a non-vegetarian person would eat the animal who ultimately got its energy from plant or other animals. This is more or less example the sources of energy, but what is needed is to gather the right kind of energy and stop wasting it.

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In the Finite world, Happy and Sad are two faces of one coin

The idea of a perfect world is that there is no misery. Everyone gets what they want and everyone is happy. There is no poverty and no one is dying of hunger. There is no war and no natural calamities. Every one of us has enough money and time. There is no crime in the world. Weak and strong all are living in harmony. We all would call such a place heaven. The question is that is it really possible to remove all the suffering of the world? Why even after so many years of human evolution we have reached nowhere in reducing our pains?

The reality is that the more we increase the tools for our happiness or pleasure, the more we increase the chances of our misery. In last one century, humankind has advanced so much that we have all possible comfort available on the click of a button. Scientists have discovered medicines for so many diseases. The connectivity between two people has improved due to mobile and Internet. Our commuting has become much better than what our ancestors used to have. Continue reading

Stillness within and Practicality of it

We have experienced some moments in our life when the world around us just stop for a few seconds and all that we can feel is bliss. No living in the past and not worrying about future, just this moment and us. At that time we are not longing for anything, we feel complete from within. The noise around us turns into soft music and everything looks beautiful. Our body is filled with peace and we experience the ultimate relaxation. All the stress just vanishes and some kind of vacuum is created within us. That moment reminds us that we can restart our life as we are filled with so much of energy. Sadly this does not last for long and we go back to our routine life where we hardly feel the life within.

I call this a moment of stillness. There is no change in the external world. It is still buzzing with all the chaos, but everything inside us feels different. These kinds of experiences also remind me that it is what is going inside us that makes us feel good or bad. Our reactions to outside world make us stressful or peaceful. It is and it was always our choice to remain calm or to burst out. Normally we choose the easy one and that is what the majority of us are doing. It is easy to give up than to win the fight with our own mind. Continue reading

The False need of Travel

In the new year or in our spare time, many of us plan to travel. We spend a great time watching new places and taking some rest. At least that is what we want to believe and we want others to believe by sharing our photos on the social media. There is a new trend of doing the check in on social media account to let people know how awesome our life is, but the reality is different. Many times these travel trips are hectic and we are more tired than we were before going for holidays. I always thought that the travel plans are supposed to rejuvenate us. Another observation is that if I ask people what they would like to do post financial independence, then the answer I get mostly is that they want to travel.

A few years back people only made one or two travel plans in a year and that too without letting the world know. We felt rejuvenated and refreshed. Travel was not part of to-do list and was considered more as a spending quality time with our own self and with family. There was no race to visit every country in the world, but to get the experiences which can be cherished for a lifetime. So what has changed and why we are so obsessed with the travel nowadays. Why are we spending so much money and why do we have goals to visit exotic places? Continue reading