10 lucid ways to feel good right now

“God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple.” Chanakya


Everyone wants to feel good in every moment of life. We make friends; we get into relationships because we feel good with them. We engage our self in many activities like playing, watching movies, going out because all that makes us feel good. We all desire good feelings, but we still end up in negative thinking most of the time.

I think that we all suffer from bad feelings because we are not in harmony with the universe. Many of us want to feel good by harming others or they feel bad because others are feeling good. We feel bad for feelings we want just because other people are enjoying it.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”  ― Helen Keller

This article is not about getting much into human psychology, but to show you simple ways through which you can feel good right now. Sometimes happiness is hidden in the small things, but we avoid it in anticipation of bigger happiness. Life also means enjoying small, but happy moments.

I am sure that below list will make you feel good right now because I am feeling good while writing it. 🙂

Express love – We all know that we feel good when someone express their love to us from heart. Similarly it is true that we feel good when we show our love to someone special. Write a love letter or cute loving SMS or just call the person and say “I love you”. Love makes you happy whether you receive it or share it.

Make friendship with BooksMany books like ‘Think and grow rich’, ‘Chicken soup for the soul’, ‘The Secret’ have changed lives of many people. Read something inspiring which can lift your spirit. Autobiographies of great people like Gandhiji, Benjamin Franklin are also great source of inspiration.

Clutter freeIf you want to lighten up, then just clear one part of your surroundings. Clear your desk or your wardrobe. Research has shown that your mind feel sense of relief when you clear unnecessary things from your surroundings.

Enjoy the pleasure of giving – It can be an extension to above step. While clearing your wardrobe you might find things which you can give to poor people. It is an amazing feeling when you realize that you have brought smile on someone’s face.

See the ray of hopeHope sees the invisible, feels intangible and achieves the impossible. This may sound exaggerate, but it is true. Just think that everything will be fine in future and just have a hope.

Memory TreasureOur mind is a bank for our memory. We can choose good memory from this treasure. You can remember your baby’s birth or a day when you bought your house. These experiences are of lifetime.

SmileWhen you smile you send the message to the world that you are happy. You do not need any reason just smile and make your day wonderful.

Reach out to friendsFriends are the best stress busters. You don’t need to meet them, just call them and remember your college days.

Appreciate beautyNature has created many beautiful things. Just look around. If possible, then visit a garden and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

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