3 principles and 2 rules for Fitness

In this New Year many of us has made resolutions for better health. I can see that many people are getting conscious about their health and that is a very good sign. Many of you have subscribed for gym and many of you are following different kinds of diet. Many have started running and many have joined the yoga classes. As we all have kept the health in our priority list, let us find the simple ways to be fit and how to be consistent in the same.

I believe that there are only three basic principles to perfect health.

(1) Well nutritional diet – Including lots of veggies and fruits can give us enough nutritions we need to carry our day to day work. If you want to build muscles, then your diet would be different. It is also important that we focus on how we eat along with what we eat and many of us make that mistakes. Ideally we should have two big meals as breakfast and lunch. Our dinner should be very light as we sleep within couple of hours post dinner. Due to which our body does not get time to digest properly and hence many of the disease takes place in our body. Stay away from fried food as much as possible. There are always exceptions to the above, but on a regular basis we should follow diet with veggies and fruits and light dinner.

(2) Physical exercise suitable to our body – We all know that we used to be hunter and not computer junkies. Our ancestors were fighting with animals like tiger and we are stuck with mouse (that to made up of plastic). Our body needs some kinds of physical activities to ensure proper blood circulation through which oxygen will reach to all the body parts and we can function perfectly. I think we all know how much exercise is important and how good we can feel when we do it.

(3) Drink plenty of water – Our body is made up of water and we need to maintain hydration otherwise deficiency will create issues. Water does many functions like cleansing of internal body, provide minerals, flush out waste products, moistens tissues, and regulates body temperature and many more. Still we ignore drinking enough of water mainly because it is available in plenty and free. I feel that God should have made drinking of water automatic just like breathing so we don’t have to worry about it.

Apart from three principles you need to keep two rules in mind.

(1)  Start small – In the past I had joined Gym with full of enthusiasm. Every day I went to gym and worked out very hard for exactly three months. I think that happens with most of us. We start everything with full of energy, but cannot sustain it for a long time and as a result we get back to same old place. I have found from my experience that whenever we need to start something new, we need to give some time to our body and mind to absorb it fully. If we start small, then our mind does not mind (it’s a great trick to fool your mind). Slowly slowly you can increase the time. This will also ensure that your body gets used to the new routine of exercise.

(2) Do it regularly – Second rule is the most important compared to everything available to us on fitness. We try to do many things, but we are never consistent. Think about a plant. You just need to give plain water and sunshine and that’s all it needs as basic necessities. Obviously it needs pesticide also but basic is water and sunshine. And, the rule is that it needs every day. If you don’t give water to plant everyday then soon it will be dead. Similarly to keep our self healthy we need to be consistent with our diet and exercise. There are exceptions to it on the weekends, but you should be on track for most of the day.
I will cover other aspects of fitness like proper breathing, relaxation and many more in the future, till then happy healthy leaving.

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