4 ways to improve your overall energy

Sometimes we are not able to do the simplest thing because we are tired or we do not have the energy to do it. On some days we can finish the work of two people and yet don’t feel any tiredness. Why do we see such massive differences? The answer can be found in the study of energy. We are aware that we all are made up of energy and everything around us is also energy. Our physical appearance and how strong we feel is dependent on the level and kind of energies that we are storing inside us. Those days when we feel tired, our consumption of energy is more than what we have gathered. In this article, we will study as how can we store more and quality energy so that we can live a good life.

We all think that we get energy from food. Food is the biggest source of our energy but is not the only source. Even water can give us the required energy. Just to understand it deeper. In reality, we intake the energy from the Sun. Plant survives on the light of the sun and store it in the form of energy. The plant is then eaten by either Man or by animals. This is the transformation of energy from one form to another. Similarly, a non-vegetarian person would eat the animal who ultimately got its energy from plant or other animals. This is more or less example the sources of energy, but what is needed is to gather the right kind of energy and stop wasting it.

Eating the right kind of food – The best food is that which we can easily digest. In my previous article, I have mentioned about different kinds of gunas like tamas, rajas and sattava. Our food also has these three qualities. It is quite obvious that sattva food would provide right kind of energy in our body and we would not feel lethargic. Tamas and rajas would make us feel lazy and would create an environment of disease. Right quantity is equally important. Qualities of Sattavic food contains fresh and natural food mostly contains plant-based items. Rajasic food would be too spicy, bitter and dry. Tamasic foods are overcooked, not fresh and they are difficult to digest. Eating more than we need would also create tamas qualities in our body. It is advisable to include more of Sattavic food in your diet.

Twisting of the body to release the energy – We have different energy centers in the body which can release energy as and when needed. Scientists also call them nervous system. Some of the Yoga asanas are aimed at releasing energy from these centers. We might look at yoga as twisting our bodies. However, it is a whole science in itself. If you’re young and fit, I would recommend doing surya Namaskar every day. If you can’t, then learn some easy postures of hatha yoga from a certified yoga teacher.

It is a vicious cycle. We say that we don’t have time and energy for exercise or yoga. It’s actually other way round. Because we don’t exercise or do yoga asanas we don’t have energy and ultimately we feel that we have less time. We know that we can cover doublet the work in same limited time only if we have more energy.

Get rid of unnecessary negative thoughts – Negative emotions like anger, hatred and jealousy can drain us of our energy. We should conserve our valuable energy. We all have experienced that thoughts of anger can drain us completely. One moment we feel so strong and in another moment due to anger we feel depleted. These negative thoughts are energy drainers and we should avoid them as much as possible. Few deep breaths every now and then can really help us in reminding that we can overcome such negative thinking.

Meditation on seven chakras – Many of us might know that we have different nervous centres in our body. In yogic terms they are called seven chakras. They are not visible, but even scientist have also recognized their existence. They provide energies to our different body parts. The seven chakras starting from the base are Muladhara, Svadisthana, Manipura, Anhata, Vishuddhi, Ajna and Sahasra. During Chakra meditation we imagine that energy is flowing from Muladhara to Sahasara while activating all the other chakras. This meditation needs some basic understanding of chakras and use of imagination. In the starting, you might not be able to do it, but with practice, you can master it.

Below is the Youtube link for one of the Chakra meditations which can help you along the way. It is ideal to practice without any external guidance.

Staying away from energy drainers and storing the right kind of energy can be used in our daily life or we can become a Dynamo of spirituality.

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