4 ways to include fitness in your daily life

We can enjoy life in many ways. We go for vacation, we go for movies and malls, we play or just enjoy at home or at resort and read a nice book. We celebrate many festivals and meet many people. We get engaged in many activities and fulfill our creative side. We can enjoy so many things only if we are healthy. Can we enjoy any of the above if our health is deteriorating? I don’t think so. Even if we are in the most beautiful place on earth, our focus would be on the pain and not on the beauty surrounding us.

Scientists and doctors have invented medicines for almost every disease. However, advancement in medicine field has gone against the human kind. We are so dependent on medicines now that we don’t take precaution to take care of our health. Instead of practicing relaxation every day we prefer to take medicines for blood pressure. Instead of doing exercises or yoga we prefer to take insulin injections. Instead of adopting a healthy lifestyle we prefer to live with a box of colorful medicines. The reason for preferring medicine over healthy lifestyle in not lack of time, it is lack of priority. The day we decide to keep our health on top priorities we will start living a healthy lifestyle.

For all those busy people who cannot do exercise, there is still a hope. If we cannot go to gym, then we can bring the gym into our daily life. We can bring the fitness into our daily activities. There are many benefit to it such as you don’t have to spend extra time for exercises and it will be fun.

Play with kids – The busiest people on earth are parents and I can vouch for that. Our most of the time goes into making sure that kids eat properly, they study properly and they behave properly. If you have a toddler, then you have to just run behind him or her otherwise your house will be a mess. Kids love to play any type of games. Instead of watching TV with family, why not play something which involves physical movements. If you do not get time on the weekdays, then you can go out on weekend to play cricket, football or for just a long walk in a garden. I am sure they will love it more than any tour to mall. With toddler just run after them and they will make sure that you get a good exercise.

Chose that bloody staircase – How many times we have been told to not to use lift and go by staircase? Still we feel that we will get late to work and it’s better to use lift or we might get tired if we go by staircase. These are all thoughts to avoid physical exercise. We know that taking staircase will only take 5 to 10 mins more and we might feel tired in the starting, but after sometime we will feel fresh.

Walk, walk and walk – Instead of going by a car, take public transport. This will ensure that at least you walk from your house to station and back. We are so used to our car and bike that we don’t even walk for half a kilometre. I don’t know how it works, but many great personalities walk to generate ideas. You never know when you get your great idea plus you will do some good to your body. Why not go for a long walk with your loved ones after dinner. You both can share how your day went. It has dual benefits of warm communication and warm body.

Have some extra weight – Pick up some weights wherever possible. You can pick up your 10 kg kid or you can pick up 100 kg wife. Both will be fun. I know that many wives complain that their husbands cannot lift them. This is a chance to lift your wife and prove yourself. But make sure you take care of your spine. Another invention which has stopped weight pick up is pram. We put our kid into it and just push it. Science says that babies needs warmth of their parents. Why not hold them and give them some love and weight to our body. For all those who are single can pick up anything heavy they can find at home. Like you can pick up heavy bags or you can have a pull up bar to life your own weight. Don’t get over excite and please take precaution to ensure you don’t face any injuries.

Above are just some examples I could think of, but I am sure you can find many more. Just prioritize your health and enjoy life as health is wealth.

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