5 reasons to feel grateful that you never thought

Life is abundant and we have many gifts from God. We are very lucky to have born on this earth as a human being. Most of us have got what is needed to live a good life, yet we ignore all of it and feel sad. Sometimes in life we need to see from other person’s eyes to appreciate what we have. Most of the time we value what we have after it is already gone. So instead of valuing after losing it, let’s try to look at them from the person who does not have it. Then we might be able to feel grateful about those gifts.

1) Eyesight – Try to feel the pain of a blind person who cannot see the beautiful nature and has to be dependent on other people or a cane to even walk on the street. A blind person cannot see the expressions of his closed ones. He has to make out only from the voice whether they are laughing or crying. He cannot decide whether to buy red shirt or green shirt as they both are the same for him, black. We should be grateful for having eyesight to see this world, to enjoy this world.

2) Ears and speech – We all know that if a person cannot hear, then it is difficult for him to speak also. You lose two senses at the same time. In today’s world where we don’t want to listen and only want to make our point, can you imagine a life without hearing and speaking. Deaf and dumb person cannot express his or her views as we don’t understand their language. They have so much to say, but they don’t have what we have. They cannot even listen to a great piece of music. So lets us appreciative about our ears and become a good listener. Let’s be thankful for gift of speech and use it to heal and not to hurt.

3) Health – As we grow old, our health deteriorates. Old people have to eat medicines more than food. Human body is going to depreciate as the age passes. But as a young person we can take care of our health so that we face less issues in the old age. Nowadays even we can see many diseases in young bodies. I have seen small kids suffering from cancer and I have seen young healthy people spoiling their health in the smoke of cigarettes. Let us look at our healthy body as a holy place and put less wastes like junk food in it. Let us do some exercises to tell our body that we understand it and we care for it.

4) Food – I really feel sad when I see poor kids photos where only bones are visible on their body. Their eyes are only looking for food. Their daily fight is not to commute and reach office, but to survive. Survive by eating whatever food they can find on the street, survive by drinking water with full of mud. I don’t think they know what toy means. They spend their entire day in search of food which we have a lot and we waste a lot.

5) Shelter – It feels so good to be back home after a long tiring day. We know that we will be able to change the weather by switching on AC or a heater in our luxurious house. We can go through many uncomfortable situation during the day as we know that we will be relaxed going back at home. Sadly, many people cannot feel that as they have to sleep on the road where there is no AC or a heater, where there is no wall to protect from sun or rain, where there is no hope of going back home because there is no home.

By no means I want to hurt people who don’t have above gifts. God must have given them something else which we might not have. I just want to bring a point that we are lucky to have those and we should appreciate it from the bottom of our heart. There are many more such gifts which we ignore in day to day life. I might write about them in coming articles. I have read somewhere that when you start practicing gratitude, you get more of it. This might be true, but I look at it from different point of view. I feel that when we start appreciating what we have, we realize that we have enough and that sometimes helps to awake the consciousness that what we are searching for is here with us and that gives the peace of mind. As I end this article, I want to thank all of you for reading my Blog as that inspires me to write more.

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