5 steps to find time for yourself

Nowadays I hear a lot that people don’t have time to do things they like to do. This has created lots of frustration and stress among us. We feel that now we have money, but we don’t have time to enjoy. After certain point in life where you are at decent stage in your career or in business, you would like to satisfy your creative side as well. The problem is that we are so busy that we cannot create anything of our own or we cannot do activities we really enjoy. Life is supposed to be exciting and filled with happiness every single day. We can achieve that by spending some time for our self. We will start with how can we spare out sometime from our so-called busy schedules.

I have seen cases where two people in almost identical situations have different amount of free time. It happens because some knows how to optimize their time and others are still struggling. Time management is something we should learn from the childhood along with the skill of deciding on priorities. If we acquire these two skills, then we can find time for ourselves and can do what we really want to do.

These two skills can further divide into five steps to free up some time. Please remember that knowledge will be only useful when you apply it.

1) Take a stock – Get a pen and a paper or write it down on cell or laptop. Find out where you are spending your entire day. Don’t leave a single minute also. It might look too small to notice, but these small activities might hold on to big amount of your time. The best thing to do is to keep the pen and paper with you all the time. You also need to write down how many hours you are sleeping. At the end you should have account of entire 24 hours. When you do this exercise and if something unusual happens, then write it down as per your average day.

2) Identify the spoilers – You might be amazed to notice that there are many spoilers on which you don’t want to spend time, but you end up doing so. For, e.g. watching mindless TV shows or music videos. Spending extra time in reading newspaper instead of just reading the headlines. Surfing the net without any aim and end up spending lots of time on social media. Some household work which you can easily outsource with small cost. Any habit, which is not fruitful and takes your lots of time. Spending lots of time in getting ready. Keeping house clean and tidy all the time specially when you have kids.

3) Select one by one – All these spoilers eats up lots of time and at the end of the day we don’t realize how did we spend 24 hours. The next thing you should do is take up one spoiler at a time and eliminate it completely from your daily routine. You can start by reducing the time you spend and then slowly slowly remove it. For, e.g. surfing the net. You might be spending 15 to 30 minutes daily on it. If you suddenly stop it then you are going to end up doing it again. The trick is to reduce its importance and then to kill it completely.

4) Replace it with productivity – You will realize that you now have some extra time. Even if it is 10 minutes, consider it as your victory. You will gain more once you are done with most of the spoilers. It’s time to add hobby or any other productive activity in newly found time. For, e.g. you might like to do some art of crafts like origami. You might not be able to complete your entire art in 10 minutes and don’t get overwhelmed because of that. When you have less time, divide your activity into parts. One day you can spend time in generating ideas as what you want to create. The next day you can do research on how to do and then you can start creating it. It is not important to be productive every single day, but to get involved in something which gives you moments of happiness.

5) Turn it into habit – The best part is to turn everything you like into habit. This will guarantee that you will engage in your hobby every single day for your lifetime unless you want to change. Our mind likes to follow routine every day and hence it becomes difficult to change our behavior. What you need to do is to instill your hobby into your daily routine, even if it is for 10 minutes. You can do that by engaging in your hobby everyday continuously for at least 21 days consciously. This will give instruction to your mind of new routine and going forward it will remind you or you will subconsciously get engaged without any effort.

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