A fascinating Insight into Emotional Energy

Emotional energy might be a foreign word for many people but it is gaining lots of importance in recent time. Until now we were aware of only physical energy. If we see someone who is always tired, then we think that he is not physically fit. This might be right, but there is another aspect of our health which is related to emotional or mental fitness. In this article i will explain what emotional energy is and how you can keep it high. I will also compare it with physical energy, so that you can easily grasp it.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” Aristotle

You have high emotional energy when you feel happy, motivated, positive, hopeful, focused. From inside you feel that you can move the mountains, in spite of hard working day you have smile on your face, you feel that whatever may be the problem, I can handle it. We all know that we are made up of physical body and mind. We receive physical energy by eating food, doing exercise similarly we get emotional energy by positive thinking and by feeling positive emotions. To live a good life we need harmony between body (PE) and mind (EE).

We all have experienced high EE but we have failed to understand as why can’t we keep it forever? We all have good amount of EE but we allow it to leak it through worry, stress, anger, etc. It is a simple formula, positive emotion increases your emotional energy and negative emotion reduces your emotional energy. Positive emotions like happiness, gratitude, excitement, laughter, curiosity makes you feel high and top of the world. Whereas negative emotions like resentment, hatred, blame, fear, grief makes you feel drained and exhausted.

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.”Norman Vincent Peale

By now you must have understood the concept of emotional energy. Now let me explain you some ways through which you can keep it always high.

1)     Forgiveness – We lose lots of energy when we have resentment for someone. Release it and forgive the person. You cannot be happy by living in past.

2)   Do what you love – We feel happy when we do things we love. We have more excitement and therefore we have more energy.

3)   Love & Compassion – Hatred makes you weak and love makes you strong. Love is the highest form of energy. Feel the love & compassion for all the people close to you and for others.

4)   Meditation – If yoga is for body, then meditation is for mind. While doing meditation your mind becomes quiet. It becomes like a land where you can grow the seed of positive thoughts. It also helps in stress reduction, which is a major source of leaking of emotional energy.

5)    Take a vacation – Vacation always helps in rejuvenation. We do not worry and feel relax and we get more close to our loved ones. At least plan small trips in regular interval.

Above are only few ways, but you can find your own ways also to keep your emotional energy high.

Life is about living consciously. Let’s be conscious of our emotional energy and lets not be depleted because of negative emotions. Let’s make it constant effort to keep our emotional energy high and live the life in harmonious way.

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