A Story of Four Brothers and The Journey of Life

I have understood that we learn the best when we do it through stories and that is why we have so many mythological stories. We start looking at those stories as some facts and never try to understand why it was told in the first place. Although I am not good at storytelling, I hope that  I can explain something beautiful through characterization.

Four brothers was about to start a train journey and the destination was to meet their father who was curiously waiting for all of them. Train started from the station of Janampuri. All brothers boarded the train. Before boarding the train, all of them knew their destination station Brahmalok and were eager to meet their father. Their names were Seeker, Accumulator, Thief and Confused. All four of them took their seats. Slowly slowly everyone got busy in their own activities. To their father, all his sons were equal and he loved them all with the same intensity. His only desire was that his sons complete this journey and reach to him safely. All four brother’s destiny was dependent on how they acted during their journey with keeping the destination in mind.

Accumulator was attracted towards everything he saw during his journey. He wanted everything and felt the pleasure every time he bought something new. The only problem was that his pleasure could not last more than few minutes. So to repeat the feeling of pleasure, he bought more and more. He almost built a home in the train compartment. He became attached to all the things he acquired and started identifying himself with all those things. For a moment also he didn’t think that he has to leave all that in the train compartment once he reaches to his destination. All that matters to him was his possessions and he started thinking that during all his existence he was going to enjoy all he got.

Thief had eyes on the possessions of his brothers and he stole from them. He could not sleep any moment due to fear of being caught up. All the time during his journey he was either planning to steal or to hide. Neither was he afraid of his father nor did he believe in karmas. He knew that he was stealing from his own brothers, but the evil thoughts overpower this and made him forget about the relationships. All he cared was to do more crimes and ways to save himself.

A Seeker was neither interested in accumulating stuff nor did he allow evil thoughts to overpower his mind. His love towards his father allowed him to stay away from those desires. He was strongly focused on his destination. His consciousness grew as the journey passed and all he could think of was the moment he would see his father. All he wanted was to be one with his father. He was aware that if he allowed his mind to get into any other activities, then he would not be able to meet his father and that was the only thing that mattered to him. He didn’t have to control his mind from negative thoughts because there was no space for them. He observed all his brothers as an outsider and didn’t allow anything to affect him as he was aware of the purpose of his existence.

Confused observed all his brothers. He could never decide what he wanted to become so he took some characteristics of all three. He accumulated few stuff, he secretly stole and he also wanted to meet his father just like Seeker. During his journey he could never make out what he wanted to do ultimately as he wanted everything. He struggled a lot in his mind as he was overwhelmed by all the thoughts of his brothers. Sometimes he was drawn towards Accumulator and sometimes towards Thief. Sometimes he wanted to be like Seeker and just wanted to meet his father. He could not decide on one and thought so he decided that he would enjoy everything accumulator and thief was doing and when the destination will come he would leave everything and would be one with his father.

The journey was long and all of them became a different person by the end of it. Now it was time to reach the destination where their father was waiting. Thief could not get down as he thought that the police were searching for him for all his crimes. He had to hide somewhere in the train and he was not sure where would he go. Accumulator didn’t want to get down. He had so much in his train compartment that he was worried that someone might take his possessions. Confused as decided left Accumulator and Thief and was about to get down as some part of him still believed in Seeker. However, he got stuck at the gate of the train because he still had the baggage he could not leave behind.

The only person who could get down was Seeker. He did not have any luggage with him and all he wanted was to meet his father. The train journey never meant anything to him. He was aware that journey was just a tool to be one with the ultimate. He never had to travel again and found the bliss. His brothers on the other hand had to go through many such journeys until they became like Seeker. Their father knew that all of his sons would come to him and was ready to wait till eternity.

Which one is you?

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