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Few years back, we had training on motivation in my previous organization. The trainer was in his late sixty but he was full of energy. It was a refreshing training with some theory and some games. The most inspiring thing happened at the end of the training when the trainer gave me his visiting card. There were three blank lines at the back of his card. He told me to write my three most important goals at the back of the card with the dates I wanted to achieve them.

I always had goals in my mind but never wrote it down and that too with the dates. I did it just for fun. I wrote about House, New job with good salary and bike with the dates i wanted them. I kept the card in my purse and looked at it frequently.  After few years I read that card and was surprised to see that I achieved all the goals. The completion date was not exactly the same but it was close one.

After above incident, I read some books on goal setting and did some research on the internet.  I found that all the successful people always knew what they wanted. It is found that people who successfully implement goals and work strategically to ensure that they meet their goals often experience more success in their performances throughout life. Goal setting helps us in staying focus on what we want in our life. According to me goal setting create your pathway to success. Below are some guidelines.

1 – The most important thing is that the goal should be something you really want and not something that sounds good.

 It is the burning desire which keeps you motivated in all ups and down of life. After finishing my graduation the next challenge was MBA degree.  I chose correspondence course which was difficult with the hectic job but I wanted to finish it in two years. I set my goals of MBA with the desired date. I used to read the goal at the time of exams which used to remind me that I don’t have any other option than to clear this. As expected I cleared my MBA in two years.

2. Write your goal in detail.

It is very important that you specify each and every details of your goal. For exa: if your goal is to buy certain house, write down its specifics in colorful detail- the location, landscaping, furniture and floor plan. If possible get the picture of house.

3. Write your goal in the following areas.

Financial and Career – Exa: – By January 2012, I will be earning $10,000a month.

Family and free time-   Exa: – In June 2012, I will go to Italy with my wife on a vacation.

Health and appearance- Exa: – I will be at my ideal weight of 60kg by June 2011.

Relationship goals – Exa: – I will re-establish communication with old friends by August 2011.

Personal Growth – I will read books on self help every month from may 2011

Ethical and making difference in society – I will donate 5% of my income for charitable work from June 2011. 

Setting goals in each area of life will ensure a more balanced life as you begin to examine and change the fundamentals of everyday living.

4. Write your goal in the positive instead of the negative.

Work for what you want, not for what you do not want. This instruction might sound stupid but our mind has habit of thinking negative. Exa:- I do not want to be poor instead of I want to be rich.

5. Decide goal for long term and short term.

First write down goals for long term say five years from now and then write short term goals to achieve your five years goal. For exa: If your five year goal is to become Vice president of the company and currently you are at an analyst level then your short term goals should be to become manager in one year and then AVP in three years.

6. Make sure your goal is high enough to give you challenge.

I always believed that if you will work for car then you will at least get a bike. Always aim high so that when you achieve them you become the happiest person on the earth. Those feelings will keep you going.

Your goals are written down.  So now what?

Please share your goals with your close ones. Do not think they will laugh at you. They might help you on your goals and become your companion on your way to success. Read your goals everyday and visualize the end result every night before going to sleep.  Our mind thinks of the last thought we have before going to sleep. Mind will give you all the solutions needed.

Last but not the least; keep your most important goals in your pocket. Read it daily whenever you have spare time and visualize the end result. This will stop your mind from wandering everywhere and you will be focus on your main goals.

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