Are we victims of technology?

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. “Albert Einstein

We celebrate many days and especially in India we have many festivals. People wish their friends and relatives in many of such special days. Unfortunately we started wishing electronically nowadays. Today’s wishes does not have any feelings. We wish either on the Facebook or through apps likes WhatsApp. I have experienced that my friends and relatives who used to call me on my birthday, now wish me through WhatsApp. I feel happy that they remembered my birthday, but I am not able to connect with them. I don’t feel that my friend is wishing me , in fact It feels like some electronic device without any feeling is wishing me. Why are we behaving like this?

I understand that nowadays people are afraid to connect personally. Technology is so advanced that we can be in touch with the person staying miles away from us. It is convenient for us to send messages instead of calling someone. Is it because we are busy or is it because we don’t want to call? I think that the technology has overpowered us. We are not using the technology, but technology is using us. We feel incomplete without our mobile, tablets and laptops.

This situation reminds me of movie “Terminator”. The movie series is based on the idea that in future, robots created by human will destroy every living being. There might not be violence like the movie showed, but there will be inner conflict for sure. We might not be destroyed physically, but emotionally  for sure.

It seems like we are becoming living robots, who use gadgets for every action. It is high time that we need to start behaving like human being. Technology is for our convenience and not to replace human emotions.  All the social media started based on the principle that we are social animal, but it has completely changed the meaning of it.  Our basic need is to stay connected emotionally, not electronically. In today’s world technology is responsible for increase in the stress. People started feeling lonely, because now they are not able to express personally and are comfortable with gadgets. That is why we see high number of stressed people in technologically advanced countries. If you closely analyse, then you will find that mobile and tablets are our new best friends.

Even though we can continue to use the technology, we should be mindful of below.

–  Try to avoid usage of mobile and tablets while spending quality time with friends and family members. Try to be present and enjoy each moment.

–  If possible meet people on occasions like birthday and festivals. If not, then at least call them instead of wishing through Apps.

–  Have some time where you are completely disconnected from technology. You can use the time for solitude or can spend some time with family. This will help you to stop addiction of technology.

–  Be practical in buying new technology. There will be thousands of features available, but we need to ask ourselves what exactly we need. Like do we really need 3D feature in our TV? These unnecessary features force us to spend more time on gadgets.

Let us not be victim of this so called advanced technology. Let us use them for our needs and let us not used by them. Stay connected through heart and soul. Let’s call a friend on his or birthday and let’s talk like we used to. If possible, then meet. Express your emotions. We cannot live without expressing. Let the other person know how we feel about them. Let’s be human again.

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