Being Non-Judgmental and accepting

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”  Mother Theresa

We want to see the world through our own perception. We want to describe a person as per our understanding or our experience with that person. In our eyes some are good and some are bad. Most of the conversation takes form specially when group of people start passing judgement about someone who is not present. I have noticed that many times we pass judgement about others to make ourselves feel good. It is like downgrading other person compared to your own self.

It is in our human nature to pass judgement about others and we are conditioned like that. So why should we stop being judgmental and accept the person as it is? Answer lies within the question. It is about accepting, accepting the world as it is. Being non-judgmental helps in clearing our thought, and helps to see the real truth. We are so preoccupied with our understanding of the people that many times we tend to miss the beauty which lies within them. It is like removing the curtains of judgment and seeing the real picture.

In a way, being non-judgmental helps ourselves feeling calm. We let go many thoughts about other person which are not required. Our mind becomes light and we are open for the compassion. Meditation also teach us the same thing. Do not try to see anything or try to go anywhere. Just be there and see what comes. Similarly do not try to form any opinion about any person. Accept him as he or she is.

There are no fix steps of being non-judgmental. However, if we follow some practice, then it will definitely help us.

Awareness : We cannot change any our habits, unless we are aware of them. Observe your mind and see when you are becoming judgmental about some person. Try to differentiate between the reality and your own thoughts and opinions. Most of the time awareness of being judgmental helps us to stop it.

Compassion : Practicing compassion helps us in understanding the other person’s situation. Many times people behave differently in different situation. If we start realizing that we all are same and everyone deserves the love, then there is no place for judgment.

Acceptance : As mentioned above, being non-judgmental is all about accepting. The main key to successful relationship is accepting. If we stop forming any opinion about our partner and accept him or her as a whole, then there will not be any differences.

It is a freedom for the whole world in a literal sense. Imagine where you do not have to behave or dress according to other people’s expectation. Everyone can express themselves freely without being afraid of other people’s judgment.

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