Can you question life differently?

Sometimes I question myself that do I have to live the way my parents and people around me are living. Do I have to follow the same conventional rules? Do I have to prove myself as a successful person from other people’s standard? The more I think on this, the more I feel rebel. I am sure those rules and standards were set up to ensure that society runs smoothly. However, I feel that somewhere we have become limited. The idea of God, idea of happiness and idea of being human has become limited and hardly anyone try to cross this limit.

I believe that it requires lots of courage to becomeĀ unconventional, to live on your own terms. I admire those people who set their own standard of success that is measurable only in terms of happiness. If you observe, then they don’t do it to just to oppose what is prevalent in the society. They have a different perspective towards life. They look at life as millions of opportunities to explore. Each day for them is an adventure where they discover themselves more than they were yesterday. Isn’t it exciting?

It is 100% sure that you if you live the way society expects you to, then you will settle down and somewhere you might feel pleasant and satisfied. You get the secured job or business, you get married and have kids, buy a decent house and car and then buy more, play with grand kids, get retired, go onĀ pilgrimĀ places and then you die assuming that you lived a perfect life. This is a story of billions of people at least and the only difference might be in the degree of money, house or kids. At the end if you try to write the book on them, then they all look the same.

I am not talking about comparing yourself with others and then try to be different. Comparison itself is a conventional way. I am talking about creation. Do you think that you were born in this world to participate in this rat race or you were born to create your own world? Society does not allow you to ask such questions and even if you ask, then you will get the answers in their own words. Our entire life is around five senses. We always work to satisfy these five senses, but what if there is more to it. The pleasure to five senses is temporary, but what if there is something permanent in nature. Don’t you want to search for it?

Accumulation of wealth and properties is what we are supposed to do till our last breath, but death proves us wrong because at the end everything vanishes. Such realization provokes the thinking that there has to be something more than what we can see in this world. In fact, this world itself is very subjective. Some think it is the best place to live, but some are trying to shorten their life. If you meditate on this, then you will find that this world is an illusion where we all are living like Alice in wonderland. The only way to find what is real is to break this status quo and start searching for the permanent one and for that you need to live differently than you are living right now.

To start with ask below questions to yourself. You will not get the answers overnight, but at least your thinking will be around it.

What is the purpose of my life and why I was born in the first place?

Am I living only to fulfill my survival needs like food, clothes and house? Do I have to surround my life around these needs only and do I need to get overwhelmed for the same? What if I am supposed to achieve something higher after I have fulfilled my survival needs?

Can I say that I am this body, but body is run by mind? Can I say that I am this mind, but we always try to control our mind? Can I say I am a soul who is behind this mind and body, but then why I am not able to realize it?

What is the ultimate nature of my existence? Is it being human or being God?

You will hardly find people who will discuss such questions with you because no one is ready to accept that the life they are living from a long time might not be real. We can only find the treasure if we start looking for it. Our life reminds me of a circle which starts from one point and ends at one point and at the end we are not reaching anywhere. If we have to break this cycle, then we will have to explore outside the circle. We will have to question everything we see! everything that makes up our life.

Can you question life differently?

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