Confidence – An Inner Strength

Self-confidence is an inner strength to carry out any activity with complete faith in our own self. We need confidence in every activity that we do on a daily basis. However, confidence is mostly viewed as a productivity tool in either education or in a corporate world. We have been told that if we need to be successful, then we definitely need to improve our confidence. This is 100% correct as it is said that you win half the battle when you know in your mind that you are going to win.

If we keep aside the productivity part, then do we really have a need to build self-confidence? The answer is yes. Sometimes our basic skills are termed as management skills, but in reality we need those skills to live a good life. Our ancestors were hunters and they also needed confidence to go in to jungle and hunt for food. The difference of confidence between two people is only of degrees. What we really need is that we catch the confidence that we have and increase it to a great degree.

Again, there are thousands of books in the market that can help you in improving your confidence. There are many institution who also deals into the same. However, nothing will change until we take a conscious decision and we do practice to build the skill. The idea is that we remove the fear from our mind and increase faith in our own self. It sounds easy, but difficult to implement.

Dealing with fears – Fear is nothing but few negative thoughts which overpowers our ability to act. For, e.g. If we go on a stage to give speech in front of hundreds of people, then we start shivering and stammering. We may also get black out about what we were going to speak. This is a classic example of fear overtaking us. We were confident till we went to stage. However, we started getting thoughts of fear. The thoughts like embarrassment, failures starts flowing in our mind. We remembered entire script, but we cannot present anything as fear made our mind totally blank.

We cannot remove fear from our mind, but we can replace the same with the thoughts of strength and positivity. We only need to think about the effort and not the result. Once we start thinking about the result, our mind also show us the negative result as well. We should only be focused on giving our 100% to the present moment and fear will not have any place. If we are giving the speech, then think about how that will affect the audience and how can you make the difference. Taking few deep breaths helps you in bringing your mind to present moment. Swami Vivekananda says that “Be a Hero, always say I have no fear”.

Having faith oneself – Another aspect of confidence is to increase faith in our own self. Many times in life we short sell ourselves and that has very dangerous effects in our life. We aim very low and accordingly we get our fruit. We need to remind our mind that we have won many fights previously and we can many more in the future. Given proper training and practicing particular skill, we can master anything. Our childhood might have some bad memories, but we have to let it go. Past is buried, present is in our hand and future is bright.

In one of my articles, I have mentioned about mirror exercise of Louise Hay. She recommends that every morning we see our self in the mirror and says few words of love and praise. We can say that “I love you” to your reflection in the mirror. Many times this has very deep impact and many powerful emotions start surfacing in the mind. Similarly we can also say that “I have faith in you and I know you can do miracles”. These are just reminder and in reality we all can achieve greatness in life.

Faith in Supreme – Nowadays people are becoming atheist and have started believing that there is no God. We all know that there is a supreme power who created us and who is running this world. We can give whatever name we want to give it to. The important thing is to have faith in that supreme entity. We need to believe that someone is there up in the sky who will take care of my life. This does not mean that you do not act, but have no worries.

Fine line between confidence and arrogance – It is important that we understand that there is a very thin line between confidence and self-confidence. You do not want to be arrogant and start thinking that others are not better than you. The basic concept is of equality. Even when we are feeling low realize that we all are same and even when you feel high remember that we all are same. This will help us in raising our confidence and at the same time it will teach us to respect others.

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