Creating the Inner Space

   We buy bigger house to enjoy the space. We also buy bigger car to relish more leg space. Many of us also follow clutter free environment and that is the necessity for today’s life. We have occupied ourselves with lots of things and later on we realize that we need more space to keep those things. Have you ever wondered about creating the Inner space? In this article, I am going to write on creating the Inner space in your mind and how you can become more peaceful person.

   We all know that our mind thinks many thoughts, may be 50,000 a day. Constantly we are engaged with our thoughts and there is no room for emptiness. This create many issues in our life. Like we feel stress and we don’t feel relax. We can not be mindful and can not enjoy the present moment. We can not focus on the important things in life.

   Let us try to understand this with the example of laptop. If you are a download freak (even I used to be one), who wants to download something or other, then your laptop drive is almost full. Even 500 GB space is not enough. So what do you experience when your drive is full? Your laptop start performing slow. It gets hanged and you need to restart it again and again. Similarly when we are full of thoughts, our mind gets slow and we can not focus. We feel stress and depressed. 

   Another issue is that when you have downloaded many stuff, there are high chances that you end up having viruses. They affect all your software and ultimately performance of laptop. Similarly when you have many thoughts, you end up having negative thoughts. This will affect the peace of your mind and to great extent our life. If we start becoming a negative person, then it will reflect in our relationships too. Everything looks wrong and we can not enjoy our life.

   Hopefully you understood what I meant by Inner space. Lets look at some of the ways you can create it.

Forgive – I have written an article on forgiving earlier. Let me rephrase it. Forgiveness is a decision to let go of grudges and thoughts of revenge. Forgiveness helps you in moving your focus from negative aspects of your life to positive ones. Forgiveness is like incense, you burn your resentments and the smoke which comes out of it spreads fragrance of happiness in your life. When we forgive others and our self, we get rid of many negative thoughts. 

Clutter free – When we free our house from clutter, we also release many related thoughts. Target one small area for clutter free and you will notice lightness in your mind. Let’s look at this. You have purchased a game and you could not play it for long due to busy schedule. You unconsciously or consciously keeps on thinking that you have purchased a costly game, but could not play it. You start regretting about it. Once you sold it to someone or gift to someone, you don’t have any more thoughts on that game. Instead you are relax or feel good about giving it to someone. 

Pause – Pause works like a magic. You stop thinking about everything. You even don’t think that you don’t have to think. Plain silence and emptiness. It is not easy and you need lots of practice for the same. It is worth trying and it will take only few minutes of your day.

Observing – Many meditation practices states to observe your thoughts just as it is. I would like to go one step further. Observe your thoughts whenever possible. Check whether you have positive one or negative one. The best way to measure is to check how you are feeling. Are you feeling stressed or happy. If you are feeling negative, then try to stop your mind and then replace it with positive one. 

Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness help to enjoy the present moment. You are completely focus on current and do not entertain any thoughts on past or future. Just the blissful moments and the happiness. 

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