Darkness inside us and Illuminating Love

Basic human nature is to be kind to others. Generally we all are good people and we care for others. However, we all are aware that we have lots of darkness inside us. We all feel emotions like jealousy, greed, lust and anger. We will never allow someone to pick inside our mind to know what all kinds of thoughts are going on. Sometimes we become a different person and realize the impact only afterwards. Why do we forget our basic nature? Why do we allow the darkness to grow inside us and how can we illuminate our-self?

It all starts from negative thoughts. Many might argue that those negative thoughts are only inside us and we do not express it outside. This is a big mistake. Once you have any thought and if you allow it to stay and grow inside you, then one day it will manifest in the real world as well. We say that some innocent guy became a criminal because of the situation. In reality, situations just revealed his true self. He might be having criminal thoughts in his mind from long time and situation just gave him a chance to take it out in the real world.

What is darkness – Imagine you saw a pool of mud on your way home. The mud is dark, but it is calling you to play with it for once. Out of curiosity you just touch the mud, but slowly slowly it covered your entire body. It sounds like some horror scene or a nightmare. Our one dark thought can force our mind and body to act against our will. Darkness is ignorance. We forget our true self and only can see the black mud.

Is it possible to get rid of the darkness? The question itself is wrong. Darkness is nothing, but the absence of light. Instead of fighting, we should illumine ourselves with love. Similarly we cannot eliminate negative thoughts, but we can simply replace them with the positive ones. Our mind can think of only one kind of thought at a time. We can either think good or we can think evil. It depends on us which one we choose. Now there is a whole science of positive psychology that focuses on how to strengthen our power to choose.

I recently saw a movie which depicts what I just mentioned above. In that movie someone stole the heart of a deity and suddenly a monster appears out of nowhere and the entire world is covered with the darkness. Hero of the movie tries to fight with the monster, but never wins. The main character of the movie is a young lady who is chosen by the nature to put the heart back to its place, to return it to deity and save the world from evil. At the end, young lady realized that the deity herself became the monster when her heart was stolen. When young lady puts the heart back, the deity became blissful again and all the darkness vanished.

How to illuminate love – Now continuing your body with full of black mud, you see a river. The water of the river is shining like diamond. You chose to touch that magical water and your entire body is now covered with the same water. All the mud, all the darkness have no place inside you as light of knowledge has uncover your true self. You feel the complete bliss. This is the feeling of love and kindness. It all sounds good, but we can never hold the thought of love for a long time. We need continuous reminders from nature for the same.

Neither can I tell you any step nor can I teach you as how you can light a candle of love in your heart. That is the blessing of God. All I know is that we have been distracted and in the dark jungle, but we can find a way to the light. Let us all not become the animals and remember our true nature that is of kindness. Negative thoughts are going to haunt us for lifetime, but at the same time thoughts of hope, faith and love are thousands time more powerful. All we need is a courage to take the control of our mind and illuminate ourselves and others.

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