Debunking the myths of Meditation Part – I

Meditation is in existence from many years. It became popular mainly during the life of Buddha, when he showed the path to common people. I am aware that many people have block in their mind as when they hear the word meditation, they think that it is not for common and busy people and should only be done when you run away to mountains.

These kinds of beliefs and thinking are so useless that it prevents many people to take the benefits of such a wonderful phenomenon. Meditation is not just any exercise or a tool, but it is a way of life. If we want to live a peaceful life and want to become a calmer person and if we want to really stop that chattering mind, then we will have to make meditation our friend. We are all aware of the advantages of meditation, but then also we avoid it. So, let us look at some of the reasons for the same.

It is uncomfortable – When was the last time you sat quietly for 10 minutes without doing anything. I am sure you cannot remember. We cannot sit idle because our mind will never allow us. If we are at home, then we will either switch on the TV, or we will surf the net or we will get lost in our smart phone. I remember that when I started with the meditation, my mind was kept on chattering as why you are wasting your time. It would also make me feel guilty by reminding me all the pending work I have to finish just like my wife. It did not stop there. It started giving me aches in different body parts like back and legs.

I did some research and found that it is just the way of mind to send messages to you that it is not comfortable with something which will make it shut for some time. Only if we pass these early small issues, then we can explore our inner world through meditation. Sooner your mind will also get used to it and will not bother you. Sometime I feel that meditation is a way to give break to your mind to come back rejuvenated and fresh.

Attachment to aggressive nature – I was surprised when one of my friends told me that his boss is behaving weird after attending meditation classes. He mentioned that his boss no more get panicked and is always smiling. This is so strange that we think that the person should be aggressive and he is not normal if he is relaxed. This happens because we are so much attached to our aggressive nature, especially in corporate world. Stress and aggression has become part of our identity and we fear that meditation will take it away from us. I can vouch that relaxed person can make better decisions and can be more focused than any aggressive person.

Lack of time – This is an universal argument that we do not have time for our own self. Have you ever sat down and thought that as how I don’t have time for things which can help me. You will get the answer that it is not about the time, but it is about the priority. If you really decide that you want to follow the path of meditation, then you will find many ways to take out time for it. So the first step is to be determinant. I can suggest only one step which can help you in anything in life. Eliminate everything that don’t help you or you don’t need and create space for beautiful experiences.

Unknown territory – This is a concern for those who are not sure how experience of meditation will be. This is the same case of a person who cannot sit idle for even 5 minutes as he will start observing his thoughts going inside the mind. It takes courage to accept our negative thinking and making efforts to change it. Meditation helps you to identify what is going inside and then just letting it go. Yes it is that simple. It is all about letting go at least for some time and it is very easy and soothing experience.

Association of meditation & complex explanation – I am not sure when will we let go our belief that meditation should be only done by yogis. Saints and yogis are doing meditation for whole day, but we only need to do it for 10 to 15 minutes and that will do the work. Believe me these all are excuses of your mind to not let it shut for some time.

Another issue in today’s world is that everyone is trying to prove themselves as authority in some subject. This is of big concern as someone who does not have in-depth knowledge on meditation is writing book on it. They try to explain it in so complex way that people presume it to be difficult. Similarly many self made gurus are also misleading us. I would suggest that you read the instructions only in the starting, but the real teacher is experience.

People around you – Once I went to attend a small seminar on stress management and everyone started asking me that are you alright? Do you have any stress? I cannot even study something because someone will think wrong about me. Over a period of time I have learned that you cannot convince everyone. Instead of worrying what others will think, I have decided to enjoy all the experiences I can have in this lifetime.

There can be many more reasons as mind is very complex, but there is only one conclusion that Meditation is easy, try it.

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