Differentiating between what is needed and what is not

Our struggle to complete the daily chores will continue till the time we have all the unwanted things in our life. How many times have you heard or said yourself that “I do not have enough time or enough space”? This is the story of each one of us. Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day and most of us have decent amount of space and it is dependent on us how we utilize them. Although this article is not about time management or space management, you can achieve them as  byproducts. The real question is how to identify all that is not require and let it go from our life so that we can focus only on what really gives us the fulfillment.

The feeling of fulfillment is the main theme of this article. Even though stuff are not alive, we are emotionally attached to them. The emotions are not only limited to love, but also of fear. It is also not just about things that we buy, but also activities in which we spend time. As a first step, it is important that we try to understand why we are doing what we are doing and only you can identify by taking stock of everything that takes up your time and space.

If you ever searched to simplify life, then you would have found that there are thousands of online articles to help you. When we read them we realize that there is nothing new and we already know everything and then we continue to Facebook. What we really need is a different mindset where we actually have the ability to differentiate what is needed and what is not. The steps will automatically follow. There are some people who go for shopping now and then, but there are people who only go for shopping when it is needed. There are some people who will spend lots of time in front of TV and with smart phone, but there are people who intentionally do not have TV and Mobile phone (Yes, such people do exist and I have seen them with my own eyes).

Many self help author suggests creating a list of which thing to keep and which to let go. This will come, but not as a first step. You tend to get mechanical when you start with the list because what you are doing is just curing the symptom and not the disease. The real disease is in the mind where we have a program called possession or maybe some different name in your mind. This program forces us to have everything that we can. This program is very smart as it associate everything with either love, pride, or fear. Every time we try to get rid of those things, this program will send you the messages of emotion attached to it. For, e.g. Clothes you did not wear in the last couple of years. As soon as you hold it in your hand, the program will send the waves of thought that is of attachment. You will start getting thoughts that you really love that t shirt and you will wear it some day. There can be wave of fear as well, which tells you that what if any time in the future all your other clothes are in washing and you will need something for back up. You think that this is the reality, but all this is what your mind is showing you. In reality you might not use that T shirt for another couple of years.

It is just the matter of changing your thoughts consciously for first few days. Then, your mind will program for the new way, the better way. For, e.g. when you go for the shopping with your spouse and you didn’t have any intention to buy anything for yourself. Your attention goes towards that shirt or a dress, which is looking beautiful and you can see the discount is also going on. Your mind tells you that though you don’t need that shirt or dress right now, you might need it in future and it is a great deal to miss. Most of the time we surrender to these kind of thoughts and end up buying more than what we earlier thought of. But, this time you will tell your mind or you consciously think that you really don’t need that shirt or a dress because you already have enough and if you need, then you will come back again to buy it. The temptation is not easy to let go, but it feels great once you win over it.

Another way to look at it is this “The more you hold on to stuff, the more it will eat up your time and space”. When I refer to the time, it is not just about when you use the things or time taken to manage them. There is another perspective to this. If you ever thought of achieving financial independence or getting retired earlier, then remember that everything that you buy will postpone your dream by some days. The true examination of the things you have and the activities you are involved is to ask if it really gives you any fulfillment or it is just the programming of your mind. Take a step back and analyze how your life is going. Are you able to spend time on the activities you love or are you able to give enough time to your family.

We are not going to live in this body forever, then why should we waste even single dime or a single second where we don’t find fulfillment.

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