Do you give gift or an experience?

Recently we all celebrated 14th Feb, especially by all the young lovers. Many expressed their feeling of love to their boyfriend or girlfriend. They exchanged lots of gifts. Some gave costly watches, purse, perfumes and many more other things and some preferred red roses.

Normally we try to give gift to the person as per their need. For e.g. if girlfriend knows that her boyfriend is crazy after video games, then she will give her latest game available in the market. I am sure the guy must be very happy to see such gift. In this article, all I want to discuss is, are we giving gift or are we giving an experience?

David J. Schwartz, author of “The Magic of Thinking Big” did an experiment with his students. He told his students to give red rose to their beloved partners. On the next day they all described their experiences and everyone mentioned their partners were happy. Was this the magic of rose? Not at all, rose just played the role of expressing the feeling of love. David explained to the student they don’t need to give expensive gifts. Its thoughtfulness that counts.

I feel that we want to feel special when we receive the gifts. We want to feel that the gift is only made for us. How I feel when I receive the gift is more important than how much gift cost. The thought behind that gift is very special. It can be either some rarely available perfume or some old romantic book or just a poem created for us.

We all are special and we would like that our friends and family make us feel the same way. Instead of just buying some mindless gift which you can get in the gift store, spend some time to think and give some wonderful experience to someone special.

It would be difficult to mention some ways to give experience, as every person is different as well as their likes. To put it in simple words, make them feel special and touch their heart. You know your special one very well. If not, then this is the right time to know them and understand them.

As I mentioned above I can’t mention specific ways. However below experiences should be useful in general.

Write a Poem: It is not that difficult. You just have to make sure you take care of rhyming. If you cannot write, then just Google it. Make sure the poem reflect the personality of your partner or your relationship.

Photo Album: It is a wonderful idea to create a photo album of your memories. This will take you on the ride to the pleasant time spent together.

Dining: Take your partner to their favorite restaurant or to a cafe where you have spent lots of time together. You can also go for a candle light dinner.

Lockout: Just lock yourself and partner into your own home or into a room of hotel. Without any disturbance spend quality time. Express your feelings and say how thankful you are to god for giving such special person. This is better than watching some boring movies.

Above are just few drops in the ocean. Use your creativity and make your partner feel special and loving. We all deserve it.

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