Don’t Read a Newspaper, Read a Book

Me – Hey, I am reading this new book and it is great. You should also read it.

My friend – I also want to start reading, but I am not getting the time.

Me – Why don’t you read a book in the morning. I am sure you can take out sometime.

My friend – I really don’t get time in the morning you know. I spend 30 minutes in reading newspaper.

Me – Why do you read a newspaper in the morning? Do you get lots of useful or positive information in it?

My friend – Actually not, but you have to keep yourself updated of what is happening in the world you know.

Me – Ya I know. You cannot read the books you want to read because you read a newspaper which you don’t want to read.

I think this is the story of many of us. We started reading newspaper in our early life and it became habit now. Many of us cannot start their day and feel frustrated if they do not read it. I have mentioned in my earlier articles also that we are living a life of a robot and reading a newspaper is part of that. We can do so many great things in the morning like exercise, reading, meditation, but we chose newspaper over it. We never question whether it is of any use or how it is impacting us or how can we better utilize it.

Why do we read it? – Over a period of time we create habits which become part of our daily life and we don’t try to change it unless we consciously do it or something happens which force us to change. Reading newspaper is one of that habit. It might have started from the curiousness as our parents used to read it and we thought that there might be something really important in it. Many times we do get some important information and after that every time we look for such good information. But unfortunately our time is wasted. Now this has become a trigger point for some of our actions as well. Like some of our activities are now dependent indirectly on newspaper and we will do such activities only after we finish reading newspaper. For, e.g. some might read it while having a tea or some might need before going to loo (It is true)

Its impact – How you spend your morning decides how your day will go. You must have noticed that if something bad happens in the morning like fight with wife or mess by kids, then your entire day is spent in anger and frustration. Newspaper have deeper impact on our day. We all know that we hardly find any positive news in any newspaper. It’s all about the scams, crime, accidents or politics. I don’t blame news agencies for this as we pay for the paper where we see more such news. Isn’t it surprising that we promote bad news. The highest selling newspaper is the one who can get the bad news first to the viewers. It is sad, but it is a reality.

When we read it, our mind gets full of negative thoughts to work on. We start getting thoughts related to bad news. For, e.g. There was a news of bike accident in the paper and you drive your bike every day to reach office. Now if your wife or family member read it, then they will unnecessary feel the stress as something might happen to you. Another friend told me that he never feels fresh in the morning. He can never feel fresh if he starts his morning by reading negative stories. One of my colleague told me that her dad reads a newspaper for an hour every day in the morning. Isn’t it a waste of time where he could have spent this time with family or doing some more meaningful work. Many of you might feel relieved as you only read it for 15 minutes, but this 15 minutes of your morning can inspire you for your day ahead.

Let us check some of the ways through which you can replace newspaper.

Read something inspirational. – As I mentioned earlier that reading a newspaper has become a trigger for some of the morning activities. Instead of reading newspaper you can read something inspirational. You can read some good books of your choice or you can read some inspirational articles online. This will help you change your focus to more positive thoughts. It is very important that you start your day with good thoughts to make your entire day amazing. If you don’t want to completely move to books in the starting then you can cut down your reading newspaper time and allocate it to inspirational reading and slowly slowly you can completely discontinue it.

Stop the subscription – This worked for me. I could not stop myself if a newspaper is lying in front of me and I would just pick it up. I decided if I want to stop it, then the first step I need to do is to discontinue the subscription. So now instead of newspaper I see books and I love to read that. You might want to take your family members in confidence before you take this step.

Read it later on – Morning is very productive and instead of reading paper in the early start of the day you can read it in the afternoon. Provided you have started your day with positive habits. This will allow you to have inspiring morning and reading paper will not have much impact.

Just read the headlines – I know that there are still many who would prefer to read it in the morning. Instead of reading everything in detail, you can just read the headlines. You will stay updated, but at the same time you are not spending more time on it.

Replace it with other habits like meditation or exercise – We will have to fill the space created from discontinuing the paper as our mind cannot sit idle. Use this time to get engaged in something useful. You can start meditation or can start any exercise as per your convenience. You can also go for early morning walk.

Your friend and colleagues will help you in your new step. If the news is very important, then they will definitely share with you just like you do. So don’t worry about missing anything. Use the time to be positive, to be motivated and to feel more alive.

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