Dream Like a Kid

We all have our dreams. Many follow them and many forget them. We know from inside that we get immense happiness when we achieve our dreams but in our day to day life we don’t give attention to our dreams and they get lost somewhere deep in our mind. We even start accepting that we should not dream.

Do you know why we forget our dream? Because we always think of how much time, money and efforts will require achieving them. Do you know the difference between how a child dream and how a mature person dream? A child always enjoys the end result of it and we as a mature person always think of the effort require in the starting. When we were kids we also did the same way but as we grew we forget to dream and got busy and day to day life.

Have you ever read the stories of successful people? You will find that they all had a dream. Dream of success, Dream of fame, Dream of money, Dream of moving the world, they all had first in mind what they want. We have two worlds, one is inside world and other is outside world. We need to work on our inside world to get result in outside world.

So start dreaming like a kid. Find out your forgotten dreams. It may be owning business or becoming a film star or it may be just learning guitar. Dreaming is your first step to a successful and happy life.

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