Evolution of conscious living is near

Have you ever experienced an unexpected, but mature and meaningful conversation with someone? When we start with the casual talks and suddenly we move on to meaningful topics like passion, conscious life, spirituality and many more similar to that. We realize the real connection with the opposite person. It feels like someone is talking what is there in our heart. If not conversation, then at least you might have read something similar. All these conversation makes me realize that we are moving towards a new era of humanity. We are moving towards living a meaningful life and enjoying each and every moment and we are even ready to let go many of our desires for the same.

So what is conscious living? Living consciously is a lifestyle. It’s not something you do just once, but a habit that you can form for the rest of your life. It is about making conscious choices rather than doing things without thinking. Most of us prefer to live life on autopilot, and just do what we always do because that’s what we’re used to doing. And it’s easier that way, even if our lives are difficult. It is not easy to change it overnight and it takes effort, time and energy. After the self realization, we scrutinize as how we are spending our time and money. We prefer to spend our energy on passion, our purpose rather than spending it on achieving goals set by someone else.

I agree that you would still see many people running after money and spoiling their health and relationships. But, there are people who are sacrificing many job opportunities to stay with their family and there are people who have found the ultimate goal of their life in serving others. There are people who think that peace of mind is more important than any society labeled trophies and there are many who strongly believe in living life with purpose. The percentage of these people might be very less at this moment, but the important thing is that they are growing. They are forming small communities of alike thinkers and slowly slowly they are changing this world from the root.

Many of such people are hiding their true self from the world because they feel that their real self might not belong to society where not many care for living conscious life. They have feared that they would feel left out if they start talking about what is there in their heart. Society does not welcome ideas and thoughts which challenges its old beliefs. For e.g., Person is only considered successful if he or she earns particular amount of money or own some properties. Whereas people belonging to new thought era feels that success comes from living the life with passion, purpose, with affectionate relationship and in finding the true happiness. Money follows then.

But, now they are opening up, at least to people who think alike and they are many. You will find many blogs and many books on conscious living. You will find people talking about spirituality instead of religions. I have seen many examples of people living their life with simplicity, but with lots of happiness. I sincerely want to thank such people who have shown courage to come up and speak about it. I really want to thank Leo Babauta, Joshua Becker,Courtney carver and many more who have inspired many through their writing. For me they are the leaders of new thought who have gone a long way to live a conscious life.

Humanity has seen many evolution right from the beginning and it will now witness the new era of conscious living.

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