Facing the failures

Failing at stuff we try makes us human. We all fail in different areas and that is completely fine. You might want to start exercising every day but you end up being potato couch or you might want to become a minimalist and you are back home with many shopping bags. This is completely normal and OK as far as you are committed to your goals.

Missing one day does not make you a complete failure though it may lead to end of journey, but you have the control in your hand. Keep one thing in mind that you might find obstacles in your journey, but you should keep your focus on destination. Changing habits does not happen overnight. You learned the way you are living now over a period of time and it will take some time to make changes.

Below are some ways through which you can overcome the failure.

Take a deep breath – When we face the setbacks in life or when something does not go as per what we expected, at that time take a pause and take a deep breath. This will allow you to be conscious of the situation. Analyse what has happened and why. Observe your thoughts and find out what went wrong.

Understand the failures – In many books and articles I have read that failure is not a full stop, but it is a feedback. We should not take it personally and label our self as a failure. It is just the way we do things which seems to be not going right. All the successful people have faced the failures and that made them successful as they found out the right ways by eliminating incorrect ways of doing things.

Change – If it does not work, then change the way you do it. If you are not able to do meditation daily, then you need to find out what disturbance you are getting. If the noise makes you disturb, then it is best to do it in early morning when everyone is sleeping. There is no general perfect way, keep trying till you find your own perfect way.

Baby step – It is better that we take small steps especially in areas where we could not do better. It has worked perfectly for me in decluttering. I am very bad at getting rid of unwanted stuff because I keep telling myself I might need it. So, I take small steps and only take one drawer at a time. This will allow that I don’t have to throw many stuff at one time and makes you feel better that you cleared at least one drawer.

Accept one thing that we are not perfect and no one in this world except God. We all find obstacles and failures in life, but important is that we keep moving. The best example is when a child starts learn to walk. He falls many times and cry out, but he does not stop trying and as a result we are able to walk today. Our aim should be to keep growing and overcome the obstacles and failures till we live and make this life worth living.

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