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We have so many books and leaders out there to tell us that we should not be discouraged by failures. Everyone has their own theory to look at the failure and how to overcome it. When I started writing this article, I started sounding like those authors and leaders who give motivational speech and give us the examples of some really successful people. That is not what I want to write here, but instead I want to pen down some of my thoughts that I have experienced while facing the failures. Let me confess that I also have the same fear of failure as you all have, but let us not allow it to rule over us and understand what really happens in simple manner.

Gratification of result – We all want the quick result. If we have invested somewhere, then we want the return as soon as possible. Sometimes what we call failure is nothing but the feedback in the early stage of our attempt. Many of us (including myself) joined the gym and left it in the middle because we had a different sets of expectations. We thought that we would get the slim body or six pack abs by just visiting the gym in first couple of months, but the reality is hard-hitting. Will you consider this as a failure? Perhaps not. If we would have continued for six months more, then we would have seen some really good result on our waist.

Let us take the example of interest on our saving. We get the interest because we deposit our money with the bank. If you break the investment and withdraw the money, then you are not going to get the interest and may be you might have to pay some penalty. The value of money in investment is created over a period of time. Similarly if we continue our hard work and don’t expect the result soon, then we have more chances of achieving success. Failure is nothing but giving up too soon because we expect the victory soon.

Illusion of overnight success – There is nothing such as overnight success. We only notice a person after his success, but we never try to see how much hard work he has put to achieve the success. We see a cricketer hitting a century or a football player scoring a goal. We see their sparkling careers, but hardly we see the amount of practice they have done over the years. We try to get the same result with very little effort. We charged up and take oath to put all the hard work that is required to achieve the success, but we give up before we reach our destination and we name it as a failure.

If someone tells you that they have shortcut to get what you want, then first thing you should do is run away. There is no shortcut to success and that is the hard truth. What we really need is to stay focused on our work and we will achieve what we want. In between, we might get lots of attractive offers and we should just say no.

Practice – The biggest thing we ignore in our journey is that we need practice to master any skill. The more practice you do, the quicker you master any skill. If I want to become a writer and if I just wish that I become successful like Jack Canfield (author of chicken soup for the soul series), then I will not even become 0.00001% of what he is. What I really need is to practice writing and become a master of it. Doing daily practice of something is not very interesting as we get tempt to live it aside and would like to watch movies for sometime or would like to surf on social media.

Believe me, the people who avoid all the distractions and focus only on their practice becomes the real achievers. We study daily habits of many successful people and there are many articles on the same out there, but in reality what works is their dedication towards their work and their focused practice. Another example to look at is our own. When we were kids, we did not know how to walk. We don’t remember how we achieved that, but we can observe small kids. They will fall down many times and will get up many times. They practice every single day until they learn to walk. In reality, we are practicing the walk currently as well. If we don’t walk for few days, then we will have to put some hard work again to start walking normal.

Enjoying the journey – What if we keep aside the pressure of failure and just enjoy our hard work as we are learning something new every day. We are becoming a better person than what we were yesterday and that itself is a great success. I understand that, society will always tries to show us our failures, but we can choose to ignore everyone’s opinion and that is only possible if we keep our focus on what we want. Only if we change the name of failure to learning, we can get rid of many fears and we can achieve many milestones.

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