Finding the place where we truly belong …

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong to this world or this era? Have you ever felt that you don’t belong to the job you are in or the kind of life you are living? We might have everything like money, family, success, but yet we get the feeling that we are still missing on something. On the outside we look perfect and happy, but our inner self is still searching for something. It might sound crazy and confusing to some people because they have never asked the question such as where they really belong? But, for some these are the same questions for which they are struggling to find the answers from a long time.

I believe that we are a soul who has taken birth in the form of a physical body. We all are here for some purpose. We have chosen this form of life because we wanted to achieve our purpose. The soul has already decided the life it will go through and the circumstances it will have to face to evolve. This might look very complex, but it might be the simplest truth of our existence. We only expect to discuss this kind of talk when we are old enough and when we don’t have any more targets to achieve.

I am not a saint who has answers for everything. I am not even claiming that I have found my own answers or my own destination, but I have started asking the questions. I still don’t know anything, but I would like to share my thoughts. My thoughts on how can we get on the right track of life or how can we find the purpose or how can we find the place where we truly belong. These are all theoretical understanding of my mind and I do not expect it to be true for others. The only reasons I am sharing this because I have seen benefits.

You are in your true place…

Where you feel grateful – Being grateful is not just about saying thank you for everything we have received. It is actually about appreciating this whole life from the bottom of your heart. It is about feeling the goosebumps in the moment of realization as how lucky you are. Gratitude also gives you the feeling of contentment, which is difficult to find in today’s world. But, if you are in your true place, then you are content with everything you have and every morning you feel that you are blessed by God. In your true world you are at peace with your own self and with others. There is neither any struggles nor any failures. There are only appreciations and attempts.

Where you feel you have contributed – Our basic human nature is always to help others. If you ask someone what they want to do if they don’t have to work for money. The only answer we get is that they want to help others, they want to contribute to the society. In your true world, you are contributing to the world by giving them back. You don’t only help with money, but also by spending time with the people who need your love and support. You no more have guilt of not able to do anything for others. Everyday you feel great amount of happiness when you witness the smile on the face of the person you just helped. In this place, you are not leaving your job and joining any NGO, but you make the arrangements in such a way that you find a balance between both.

Where you feel you are growing – We all are here to grow. The only difference in your true world is that you grow in all areas including the spiritual side. You improve your consciousness and realize the purpose of your life. Everyday you learn new aspects. When you look back at your life, you realize how far have you come. You go beyond the religion and understand the real meaning of God. In your true world, you realize that you don’t have to compete with anyone. You only have to keep on walking on the journey of consciousness. You understand old scriptures through your heart and you become aware as why you have taken birth.

Where you feel the true love – The highest of all is the feeling of love. We are deeply moved when we feel being loved. We all are connected through the bond of love, but we hardly feel it for others and for ourself. In your true world, you realize that we all are one and we feel tremendous amount of love for every human being. You always have smile on your face as you can see the connection with others. We do not have any hatred or grudge for anyone. All we have to give is love.

Are you in your true world?

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