Finding your enough

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

To become financially independent, one of the biggest thing to do is to find out your enough. I think that is the hardest part too. Our mind’s potential is unlimited and so is its desires. We never get satisfied with all the material things we have and we keep on desire for more. If we have 2 bhk house, then we will desire 3 bhk. If we have a small car, then we will desire for bigger car. There is no end to our desire and while we are busy wanting for more we don’t appreciate what we have.

Finding your enough is about deciding how many material possessions you want and how much money is enough for you to live a comfortable and meaningful life. We need to take a step back and find out what all we have and how much more we want after which we can slow down. The major benefit you get is that once you have your enough, you can focus on other areas of your life such as family life, personal growth and spiritual growth. I think you all will agree that we are on this earth to grow in all areas of life and not just the material world.

Our mind fool us by keep telling us that we will be happy after we achieve some material status and when we achieve that it gives us the new destination to achieve and story goes on. We have to be mindful that death is inevitable for all of us and we are not going to take anything with us. The luckiest person on the earth is not the one who got every possible things, but the one who on his deathbed knows that he lived a happy and fulfilled life. Do you think that any material thing can give you that feeling.

Enough is not more or not less, but just the perfect. Take a pen and a paper and write down all the things that you think are needed to live a comfortable life. Write down how big house do you need, which car do you want and how much money you need in your bank account. While doing this exercise please keep in mind we are not looking for a very luxurious life, but a comfortable one. We don’t need a palace or Rolls-Royce car. Size of the house should in line with the number of family members. Now analyze, what do you have in comparison to what you desire and see where you stand. If you think that what you have is almost the same as what you desire for comfortable life, then you already have your enough and be grateful for that. If not, then keep working to achieve it. After all we cannot achieve peace when there is no comforts for our family members.

We all expect happiness from the stuff we buy. It definitely gives you pleasure for sometimes, but not happiness. We are supposed to use the things we buy, but we should not be used by it. Happiness comes from the simple acts of daily life, such as spending time with family members, showing kindness, being compassionate, being at peace with others and with yourself and many more such acts. We cannot run after material things for our entire life, otherwise it will be a total waste. We all were born for some purpose and we should spend some time to first find it and then to live it. Slowing down can help you focus on the purpose.

Another benefit of feeling satisfied after we achieve our enough is that we will use less resources of nature and we can solve big problems such as global warming. I know that it will not make any impact if you alone do it, but just think for a minute that our world will be a better place to live when everyone just have enough to live a comfortable life. There will be less greed and more love, less fight and peace more, less sadness and happiness more. Again, to reiterate the point that living within your enough does not mean to live like a pauper, but to appreciate what we have and enjoy a comfortable and meaningful life.

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