God – Miracle or Message

Many of us believe and worship God. In India we have many religions and every religion have their own God. Every religion worship differently and every religion have own set of beliefs. Outside India I think mostly people believe in Jesus or Buddha. From the childhood we are programmed by our parents or society to believe in God. We might not realize, but our entire life changes based on this.

We go to churches and temples to worship. We even celebrate the birthdays of our God. Have we ever tried to ask ourselves as why God took birth as human being and what message they tried to give us? The point I am trying to make over here is that we are so obsessed with the word God that we have forgotten to follow the path they showed us.

When Jesus walked on the water or turned water into wine, Jesus was not trying to impress us by his magic skill. Jesus told us to believe in our self that we can do anything. Jesus did many things not to become famous but to awaken us and to help humanity.

Krishna came to destroy immorality from the world and to establish Truth. Unfortunately we have limited our self only to remember miracles performed by Krishna and have forgotten the real message. In Bhagwad Gita, Krishna has mentioned about four main paths of Yoga – Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. These paths are to guide us to live a wonderful life. How many of us who worship Krishna really follow above paths or even know about it?

God came to earth for the betterment of humanity. Humans were clueless and were not aware of how to live a good life. God gave us the path of life. Instead of following the path we are stuck on the personality of God or miracles performed. The real religion is humanity. If we spend lots of money on God’s statue or temples or churches and hesitate to give a dime to a beggar, then we have not understood the real meaning of religion.

I am not saying that Humanity can only be saved by charity. Being kind to others also one of the ways to worship God. We all are same in the eyes of God. Helping an old aged woman to cross the road, giving clothes to poor people, saying kind words to others, sharing your knowledge, healing others and in many more such act of kindness we can find God.

Above are only my thoughts and I might be wrong. We all are walking the path to find God and for me this is through helping others. God is within us, we just have to be conscious of it.

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