Happy life is collection of great moments

I have earlier written on living in the present moment and that is the key of a great life. Just as one day is made up of 1440 small minutes, our life is the collection of small yet great moments. In the anticipation of big events, we have forgotten to live in the moments.

Either you chose to be happy in most of the moments of your daily life, or you decide to be happy only in future when something big happens. Even though big event will give you lots of happiness, it won’t last long. In the expectation of something big in the future we miss out on happy moments in present.

Just think, if we start creating great moments every single day, then how our life will look as a whole? If we just create a single moment of kindness every day, then in a year we have been kind for 365 days. I don’t know how many times in a lifetime we would be kind to people. They say that one act of kindness can change lives. I would like to say that one act of kindness every day will change the lives of many people including yours.

Similarly daily moments of love will drastically change your relationships. We don’t need to wait for anniversary or Valentine’s Day to express our love to closed ones. I am sure everyone will prefer daily dose of love instead of one great gift once in a year. In one of my previous articles on gift, I also mentioned that it is experience that makes people feel special instead of gift. Saying “I love you” to your spouse every day from bottom of your heart is much more precious than giving costly necklace on anniversary. I know ladies reading this will say they won’t mind both. 😉

Another great moment to add in your life is of being grateful. There are so many things to be grateful about in our daily life. Many small things happen in our life which we take for granted like getting a parking space, seat in the bus, or someone opened door for you, or a help from a colleague, delicious lunch and many more such things.

So can you imagine how amazing our life will be if we start collecting moments of kindness, love and gratefulness every single day. According to me, Successful and happy life is not about few great achievements, but about feeling amazing every single day with small yet great daily moments. Wish you Happy living.

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