Healing power of music

Recently I watched a documentary called “Alive Inside”. It is a documentary about how one person Dan Cohen demonstrated the healing power of music in old people. People who have forgotten about themselves, remember their memories with the help of music. An old man who forgot about the world, started singing and communicating. A lady who could not walk without the help of a walker, started dancing and singing when she heard her music. Many more cases were shown in the movie which clearly demonstrate the power of music.

I am sure that most of us might have not seen music as a healing tool. We hear latest songs or some soothing music to feel refresh, but don’t you think that we are actually using music to heal ourselves. After a tiring day, while commuting we put the headphone on and get mesmerized by the beautiful songs. In that moment, we forget everything and just enjoy our connection with music and feel great relaxation. You might have also experienced that if we hear a good song in the morning, then it stays with us for the entire day. It happens because music can touch our heart and mind both.

After watching ‘Alive Inside,” my perception about music has changed. It has changed my outlook of music from something being used to pass time to a God’s gift to all human beings. The irony is that we have so many simple pleasures in life, but we always want something big. For, e.g. We keep target to be happy when we buy a new house or a bigger car. In pursue of such big things, we ignore beautiful pleasures of life and music is one of that. I have not seen many people who don’t like music. The choices of music can be different, but everyone enjoys music.

I started wondering that if music has such a great power, then why are we not using as an alternative medicine. Why we have not taken music as a serious healing tool? There are multiple answers to that. The biggest one is the huge pharmaceutic industry. We are trapped in the world of conventional medicine. Lots of money is being spent on new drugs, but no one spends on alternative medicines. We want quick relief from everything and that is where the conventional medicine gets the success. The other reason is the change in music industry. The type of music we hear today does not give us relaxation. We will not even remember the song next day.

In spite of all the problems and ignorance, we can still use music to heal ourselves and others with the parallel use of conventional medicines. Music has power to release all our stress and anxiety which we have deposited in out mind, thanks to modern lifestyle. Music can also help you to get rid of all your worries. Music can rejuvenate the body’s healing power. Many of our memories are associated with particular songs or music. Like your first date or time spent with friends. When you hear that music, you relive all those moments again. Music can become your friend in lonely times.

If you ask a musician where can I get good music, then he will say that music is everywhere. If you notice closely, then nature provides us very soothing music wherever we go. You can hear the sounds of birds near your house. Many sounds are created by water alone, either in the form of waterfall or in the form of waves. Sometimes I also enjoy the music of stillness in nature. We just have to open ourselves to nature and it will gift us all the melodies which can heal us.

Find out the type of music you really like and not what is in the trend. Some people like classical, but afraid to follow it as it might sound boring to others. Everyone is different. You need to listen to music which can get you to the present moment. Get the decent music player or you can use your cell phone. Ensure you have good headphone which can cut down all the noises and the only thing you here is your music and enjoy it. You can also start your day by putting some soft music at your home. It will create soothing atmosphere and I am sure your family will also like it. I have mentioned earlier also that if your morning is good, then your entire day will be good. We also listen to the music while driving.

Another way to make music part of your life is by learning musical instrument. Music is a difficult language to learn, but if you learn it, then you can create miracles with it. We all have deep desire to learn something new and you can fulfill it by picking up any musical instrument you like. You can learn piano or guitar or drums. You don’t have to be master in it. Pick up the one which appeals to you and start making some basic music. Learn, create and heal.

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