How to become Adaptable?

Life is full of surprises. We try very hard to be ready for the challenges of the future, but we have to face some situation where we are caught off-guard. Normally in such scenarios we often get frustrated or feel stressed just because we never saw it coming. I am talking about the changes we have to adopt in life. It can be anything related to new place, new job, people leaving you or it can simply be about leaving your comfort zone. We all know that change is the only constant thing, but we hardly accept it. Our mind get scared when something unusual shows up.

I have seen many change in my life and all that experiences has made me somewhat adaptable. Still there will always be something which you can’t adapt easily, but we can train our mind to a great extent so that we can become flexible and can embrace the change. When we do not have the internal fight going on in our mind we become a calmer person and can live a good life. Imagine that you have a new place to live due to change in the circumstances. Now you don’t have any other option, but to stay there for at least few months. You cannot enjoy that place because your mind is continuously telling you to go back to the old place. What will you feel when you don’t have inner conflicts like this? You might start enjoying the new place and at the same time you can focus on the other options.

Normally I would list down steps to follow to acquire some skill, but I could not think of steps to become adaptable. I did not follow any steps because it just happened over a period of time. When I look back, I realized that I no more resist to changes. So in this article I am just going to put down my thoughts. To some it might sound irrelevant, but to some it might just click.

Fear of unknown – The biggest fear of human kind is the fear of unknown. We are control freaks and would like to be ready for everything or at least would like to be informed. We get afraid when we don’t know what will happen next. For, e.g. When you are about to lose your job, you fear what will come next. All the questions like what will I do, how will I survive or what will happen to my family. It is obvious that we should be worried about all those things and should start working towards the solution, but the problem is that we get so terrified with the fear that we are not able to think straight.

If you have to face the big change in your life, then it is very important that you control your fear. The only thing in our hand is our thoughts and reaction. If we take control of our fear, then we have won half the battle. Now you only have to work on the external situation as you are peaceful from inside. You might have read the stories of people who lost their job and then the best story of their life was written. They started following their passion and out of that they became more successful. Instead of fearing the change, try to analyse the situation and see if any good is going to happen.

Detach from the result and focus on act – Somehow I can apply this to every problem of human kind. Perhaps I have not understood it fully, but I have read it in many places and especially it is one of the main theme of Bhagwad Geeta. When we focus on our act and detach ourselves from the end result, then we become more efficient. When you are commit yourself to change yourself or adapt to that situation and do not think much about the end result, then your journey will become peaceful.

Often we get paranoid when we see the fruit we are trying to achieve looks impossible to get. If you sincerely work on your acts, then the result will surely come. Remember that any change in your life is not always to harm you. Your acts may give you the best time of your life.

Going with the flow – Once I asked my mentor that what is the secret of your success. He simply said that I prefer to go with the flow. At first, it sounded like a talk of a loser. How ca you go with the flow when you have to fight and win every time. I was wrong. I realized that you do not have to fight to win. Sometimes it is best to swim in the direction of current and it will take you to your destination. Isn’t it so relaxing?

Life might have better opportunities when you listen to it carefully. Going with the flow is not about accepting the defeat, but it is about accepting the situation as it is. What you need to do is be ready and capture every opportunity life offers to you.

We evolved from a species of monkey. We as a human being have seen so many changes and most of them in the last one century alone. It clearly states that the growth of life is in change, it is in evolving.

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