How to Contribute towards World Peace

Recently lots of discussion is taking place for the world peace especially due to social media. Some people want to spend their entire life for that purpose and some continuously have the feeling to do something for it. The reason for the same is that we see so much anger and hatred in the world today. People of one country cannot stand people from neighboring country. Some countries are threats to the world as they can any time use nuclear bomb because their ego comes before the humanity. Today’s biggest challenge to the world peace is terrorism. Innocent people are getting killed because some disturbed leaders are brainwashing young people to become violent. Nobody is sure what will happen to the world in the next few years.

Now even if we want to do something for the world peace, neither can we go and fight with army nor can we have a discussion with world leaders. We cannot also try to convince terrorist to not to kill innocent people. We are so busy in fighting our day to day war that we cannot think about the world peace. So is there any way that we can contribute to? Yes there is and it can be done by sitting on a comfortable sofa of your house and it will only take 5 to 10 minutes a day. You can do this by simply having good thoughts about world peace.

Our existence has so many secrets that we cannot understand it in our 100 births. Currently, I am reading books written by Swami Vivekananda. He has explained spirituality with science. When you read his books at certain consciousness, then you will realize that you can find the solution to any problem in his books. Although he did not mention world peace directly, but one of his concept made me connect it to world peace. The concept is of thought waves which he has compared with light waves.

We have read about light waves in school or college. It travels from one place to another very quickly. Light waves are transformed from sun and received by earth and many other planets in the galaxy. Similarly when we have some thoughts, they get released in the environment and people on a similar frequency receive the same. For, e.g. you consciously have thoughts of being kind to some people. These thoughts are then released in the environment. Someone far away in a different country may be on the same frequency of kindness as you were, receives your thoughts and his intensity of kindness increases.

To explain this further, remember a situation when you just had one thought of any subject and within seconds you get hundreds of more thoughts on that. I am not a researcher or a scientist, but I believe that the remaining thoughts were originally in the air or in environment which we received as we were in the same frequency. Similarly due to any reason our mind tilts towards negative thoughts, then for our entire day we get the negative thoughts. It is the same case of television and radio channel. We can see and listen to particular channels only if we are on a specific frequency.

Today the world is overflown with anger and hatred because most of us are thinking negatively and we are programmed in such a way. If we think positive, then we are told that we are not being realistic. Not sure what makes negative thinking realistic. The world is saved because there are still some people who are continuously having the thoughts of love and the same are getting released in environment for all who wants to be in the positive frequency. Keep in mind that thoughts come before the action. All the terrorists are not criminals from the birth. Some situations and some irresponsible leaders are feeding them with the thoughts of hate and crime.

So coming back to our own actions. If you really want to do something for the world peace, then start having some good thoughts about it. Forget about what is going on currently. The problem is that media will only show you what is bad going on. They will not show what all the pure souls are doing for the betterment of humanity. The reason is that newspaper with the highest reader is the one who publishes most negative news and that is a harsh reality. Creating thoughts of love will take some conscious actions in the starting, but afterwards your mind will be programmed for it.

Let me give you some examples of thoughts you can have. Think that all the people in the world have enough food, water and shelter. Think that there are no boundaries between countries. Neighboring countries are living in peace and no one has to worry about borders. Soldiers can go home for festivals as no more there is a concern of security at the border. There are no harmful weapons, only inventions to make this world a better place to live. There is no injustice. People from different religions respect each other and celebrates all festivals together and everyone follows highest religion of all and that is of humanity.

Imagine if all of us can only spend 5 to 10 minutes of such thoughts every day, then one day will come when the environment will be full of kindness and love. There will be no place for hate and anger. Even if a person gets into negative frequency, he will not have more thoughts to fuel negativity and soon he will be back to the frequency of love as there are only thoughts of world peace.

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