How to find an Artist in you?

Everything in this world is creativity and we all are creators. At certain point in our life  we need to take out some time for ourself and do something artistic. Mostly this kind of feelings comes when you are almost settled and want to do something more out of your life. Many even follows the path of creativity from their early life. They even chose job which will provide the opportunity to express their thoughts in the way they want and we all wish that kind of job. But, unfortunately we have chosen the job or business which can support us financially. Nothing is wrong in that as sometimes in life we don’t have many options and not everyone has the courage to go against the wind.

The itch of doing something creative or becoming an artist always remains in our mind and comes on the surface when either we don’t have many responsibilities or it becomes intolerable to hide the desire of becoming a creative person. I know some argues that you should find the creativity in what you do. They might be right to some extent, but if you really want the fulfillment, then it is better to associate yourself with particular fields like music, painting, writing, handicrafts, etc. There have been proofs of ancient arts like painting, sculpting and writing. It clearly states that human being is associated with art from thousand years.

As I mentioned earlier we all are creators and artist in our own ways and to wake up that artist below are some of the explanations which can help you.

Try to express and not impress – This is the basic principle of any art. Any art is nothing but expressions of an individual. We just need to put our feelings either on the canvas or in any other form. It does not have to be perfect. No art is perfect. Many people don’t understand why someone will pay millions for modern art as nothing is usual in that. You need to create art for your own and not for others. If others find it beautiful and helpful, then it is a bonus point. Art is a great way to take out what we are holding on from long time. It can also work as a healing.

Talent can be created – Suppose you started creating something, but now you want to be better in that then what you need is practice. Not everyone is artist from the birth. They created talent within themselves through the practice. You might see a perfect picture, but lots of effort has been put even before the painter attempted that picture. Don’t be disheartened with your first attempt as it still just the part of practice and best of you is yet to come. I assume you are a busy man or a woman who hardly finds time. What you need to do is just take out 10 minutes out of your daily schedules and stick to it.  You can remove some unnecessary activities like watching mindless TV programs and surfing the net.

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” Neil Gaiman

Get rid of fear – Most people don’t attempt any creative field because of the fear of failure. They fail to understand that the most important thing is to enjoy the journey and not the destination. Failure is only confirmed when you give up and not when you appear every day to prove that you are serious and one day will achieve what you really want. Be bold enough to express that you are an artist for your own self. Make a declaration that what “I have created might not be perfect for your eyes, but for me it’s a perfect piece of art  and I am loving it”.

Take help – There are many books and online courses available to help you out. These books and course can save your lots of time and can guide you in the right direction. It is again your choice. If you want everything to explore by yourself, then by all means do the same. But, keep in mind that you might have to face some frustrations. Also, don’t copy the books and courses into your art. The important thing is that it should reflect you and not the author whom you followed blindly. Take the help in beginning and then explore.

Enjoy each moment – At the end all we want is some moments of joy and happiness. Keep this as your prime goal and don’t let it go in the background even if you become very successful. If you don’t enjoy your creativity, then it becomes another job of yours. I have experienced that when I am in the touch of creativity, I connect with my soul. I get the fulfillment I was desiring from long time. I feel what everyone talks about, The Flow. Don’t barter your joy for anything and you will be amazed at your creation.

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