How to stay focused with the help of goals

Goal setting has played major role in my life. I can say that I made some significant changes because I was able to stay focused and that became possible because I had my goals. Goals act as a friend who shows you path when you are lost. In the chaos of daily life, goals remind you what is important. We all know that we are very good at making resolutions and setting goals. The problem comes when we get busy with our day to day life and what we want from life disappear in the background.

I have already written a detailed article on goal setting which you can find here. We live in the auto pilot mode and continue with the same habits and activities until consciousness hits us. This is possible with below steps which has helped me. Not all the steps will be helpful to everyone, but I am sure that at least one of below will help you to stay focused.

Write it in your own handwriting – Don’t type or copy from Internet, just take the plain paper and pen and write down your goals. It is proven that when we write our mind is solely focused on the writing and that leaves a mark in our mind as we are fully conscious on one thing. This also gives a personal and human touch which makes it valuable. I don’t know why, but I feel more committed when I write. It feels like I am signing some legal document for which I need to take compulsory actions. Try by yourself and you might discover something more.

Keep it with you – Wherever you go keep your goals with you. Whether you are going to office or a party or vacation, keep your goals with you. Also, keep it in such a way that you tend to touch it few times a day. E.g. Most of the time I try to put it in my pocket of shirt. I always get the feeling that something is there and that reminds me to read it. Other ways to do that is to keep the paper in the purse or with your keys. Find your own way, but make sure you need to keep it in such a way that you feel at least twice a day that your goals are with you.

Read it every day – One of the main reason to keep written goals with you is that you read them at least twice a day. When you read it, you become conscious of what you want from life. You suddenly realize that you need to change behavior and create habits which are beneficial to you. Your auto pilot mode is switched off at least for some time and you realize that life is in consciousness and in being aware.

Sticky notes – Put your goals on notes and stick them on your refrigerator or on your desk or at any place where you could see it every day. This helps in changing our bad habits. For e.g., if your goal is to lose weight, then you put it on refrigerator or somewhere in the kitchen. So whenever your mind crave for chocolates or unhealthy food, sticky notes remind you that eating this will take you away from your goals.

Visualize the end result – Goals is the end result of our efforts. Visualize this end result and notice how you will feel when you achieve your goals, your dreams. This act as a great motivation and help us to stay focused. For e.g., if your goal is to have perfect health, then visualize how will you feel in disease free body. See how amazing it is to have perfect health and not to eat medicines. I have seen that many people have accepted eating medicines as the normal routine. Visualization might help you get conscious about how great it is to live without medicines.

In the moment of failure – There will be some moments in life where you will have to face failures. In such moments, goals gives the strength to keep on trying. You might feel that it is difficult to achieve your dreams, but when you read your goals and visualize achieving them, you see the hope. It gives you new energy.

Above steps are not to act as a teacher who is consistently there to watch you but to act as a friend who is always there to show you what is important for you.

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