Humanity is still Alive

Many times in life we get to experience something extra ordinary which changes our life forever. Something similar happened to me last week when I visited Tata memorial cancer hospital. I went as a volunteer along with other 5 friends. We were supposed to help one NGO who were going to entertain kids suffering from cancer for almost two hour while their parents were being educated on cancer. I am not sure if we were of any help to them, but it is sure that we learned a lot from each and every one of them. We left the hospital with different perspective.

In a daily life we see or we chose to see many negative events. We curse the government, pollution, traffic, our boss and many more situation and people. And there are people who are above all of these and who are living a different life and who are actually being human. When you meet such people who are full of courage, compassion and love, you realize that humanity is still alive. According to me, humanity is facing the challenges, hoping for better future, spreading the love and above all becoming a kind human being. I got the chance to meet such people and I am thankful for that.

Humanity in Hope – Before arriving at the hospital, we were confused as how would we handle small kids suffering from cancer. We could not imagine the pain they were going through. We were not sure as how we would bring the smile to the faces of such little angels who were spending their days in the hospital instead of playing in the garden. We were not sure if they would ever be able to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctor or engineer. We were not sure if they could survive this lethal disease. We were not sure of anything.

To our surprise kids were actually in a great spirit. They enjoyed each and every moment. Some were very weak, but still they participated in the event. They left behind all the worries, illness, and sadness and were living the present moment. Everyone was dancing and singing. They were not discouraged from what happened to them. They were just like other normal kids. They all had a hope of living a better life. I realized that it was just my perception that people should be sad when something bad happens to them, but those kids proved me wrong. They taught me through their behaviour that all we need is to keep enjoying life even if you are not sure about tomorrow. They all were wearing the masks to get protection from infection. I told one of the NGO person to draw a smile on all the masks as I could only see that on their faces.

Humanity to Help – I also attended seminar conducted by specialized doctor for all the parents to educate them on the disease and how to take care of their kids. They ran a presentation and parents were supposed to ask any questions to doctor. I thought that it will finish soon as doctors are very busy people and might not explain everything in detail, but I was wrong again. Doctor went beyond everyone’s expectation and explained everything in detail. He connected with everyone quickly through his humorous nature. It felt like you are talking to a good friend. He gave courage and hope to all the parents and he inspired many of us through his dedication and strong will to help people.

Humanity to Inspire – Last, but not the least, NGO volunteers. As I mentioned earlier, we were more of audience and the main work was done by the NGO volunteers. Every time I meet such volunteers, I feel that they have different goals in life and which might be revolving around helping others. I have never understood as how such people chose to let go of career, money, and comfort and just live to help people. Volunteers took care of the entertainment and event and ensured that each and every one had a blast. They knew each and every kid’s name and their parents even though they just came couple of days back. Kids wanted to give them hug and wanted to spend more time with them. I really feel jealous of them as the amount of happiness they must be getting from such experience is priceless.

Many a times I get into discussion on volunteering with some of my kind friends. We show the desire to leave the current life and spend most of the time in helping others and it sounds like the voice is coming from your heart. But, then our mind interfere and tell us that you cannot leave your comfortable life for others. It is just about winning this battle between mind and heart which I have lost many times and I am sure that all those NGO volunteers wins every day.

I can only quote what Dalai Lama has said. “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive”.

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