In the Finite world, Happy and Sad are two faces of one coin

The idea of a perfect world is that there is no misery. Everyone gets what they want and everyone is happy. There is no poverty and no one is dying of hunger. There is no war and no natural calamities. Every one of us has enough money and time. There is no crime in the world. Weak and strong all are living in harmony. We all would call such a place heaven. The question is that is it really possible to remove all the suffering of the world? Why even after so many years of human evolution we have reached nowhere in reducing our pains?

The reality is that the more we increase the tools for our happiness or pleasure, the more we increase the chances of our misery. In last one century, humankind has advanced so much that we have all possible comfort available on the click of a button. Scientists have discovered medicines for so many diseases. The connectivity between two people has improved due to mobile and Internet. Our commuting has become much better than what our ancestors used to have.

The irony is that even after discovering so many things, our graph of misery has gone up. People suffering from mental illness have increased to a great extent. Our frustration of traffic has given us a really bad time. We don’t have time for real relationships as we have become busier. New diseases are being discovered every year. The number of people below poverty line has increased. We see the cases of violence among the kids. Our whole life goes in correcting area that is not going right as per our thinking. At the end of the life, no matter what we have achieved, we would have some regrets. Many great leaders have worked very hard to reduce the pain of humans and still we have many issues rising across the world. It is high time that we realize that our life is always going to be the mixture of good and evil.

There is no existence of good without bad. You can only say something is good when you compare it to bad. We believe that happiness or pleasure is everything and hence we are working very hard day and night to see the few glimpse of it. We do succeed in that, but we are also increasing the chance of being sad. Everything which gives you happiness or pleasure in the starting has the seed for misery. Let’s take the example of an iPhone and a person named Harry. Harry became very happy when he purchased the latest iPhone. He is excited to use all the new features and showing it off to friends. However, his excitement and happiness did not last for long as he slips the iPhone and it got damaged. The same iPhone which gave few moments of happiness to Harry now became the reason for his sadness.

The ultimate state that we should try to achieve is that of equilibrium where we are neither excited about happiness nor should we startled by misery. If you observe, then you will find that this is a big freedom. We can stop all the drama that we do to find the happiness and at the same time, we save our self from sadness. Many would think then what is the life without happiness or excitement? It would be very boring and dull. We need to realize that the happiness that we are searching for is temporary in nature. An iPhone can only keep you happy for few days or months.

We are limiting our self to the finite world and in this finite world. Harry became a slave of an iPhone and many more things. We cannot let go of many things even if those things are very reasons for our misery because once upon a time we experienced few moments of happiness and we expect to experience again. This expectation of future moments of pleasure holds us in the cage. The cage is definitely made up of gold, but at the end it is bondage.

The reason that we are always longing for happiness is because our ultimate nature is that of permanent bliss. If we continue to run after temporary pleasures, then we are always going to struggle at a lower level, in this finite world. At the lower level, happiness will always be accompanied by sadness as happiness is dependent on something outside us. We all should aim to elevate our self to a higher level where we are free and one with God. The more we try to find the happiness in the external world, the more we distant our self from our own soul, our own true nature.

We all have a choice. Either we continue to struggle between happiness and sadness in the finite world or we realize our true nature and break the bondage of life and death. The first one is very easy and most of us are following that. It just says eat, sleep, and have fun. The second path is difficult and we might not have many companies along the way. The first path is nothing but a circle and we just move round and round. If all of us gets the memory of our previous births, then we might realize that we are doing the same things from many births without reaching anywhere. The second path is to realize the infinite world and it is of Yoga. Yoga means the union with infinite.

Let us pray to God to give us the courage and intelligence to make the right choice.

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