Is simplicity a mean to find the ultimate truth?

I have written some articles on simplicity and I also try to implement it in my life. I am a student of life and to learn more, I listen to some good audio-books. I had a strange thought in my mind while I was listening to one of my favorite audio, which is by Goenkaji who promoted Buddhist meditation practice called Vipassana. At one point of time he mentioned that the purpose of Vipassana is to find the subtlest truth of life and that led me to compare it with simplicity.

He explained that in Vipassana meditation you just observe the breath. This helps to quiet your mind and later on purify the mind. Basically it releases all our karmas resided deep within our mind and we become enlighten. I think that is what happened with Buddha. He remembered all his previous births and all the thoughts came on the surface and he saw releasing them. Now his mind was pure without any thought or any karma. At that point of time he realized the truth of life and became enlightened.

I am nowhere close to anything mentioned above and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of life is. However this experience led me to a thought whether simplicity is a mean to find that truth. Just like Vipassana, while implementing simplicity we let go of many stuff and many desires. The only focus is on to live simply and give importance to what is important and be happy. Everything else does not matter. In simplicity we can see the real beauty, beauty of nature, beauty of people and beauty of ourselves.

We don’t know what the purpose of life is and why are we here on this earth. I know many of us do not want to find the answer, but I also know that many of us have that desire somewhere in subconscious mind.  To find the answer we take the help of religion or some enlightened people. The problem is that we neither know the destiny nor do we know the path. Every religion claims that they have the best path to get nirvana or moksha. Not sure if the people claiming that knows the truth themselves. I feel that instead of going into complicated processes and getting lost, we should choose something which can be practiced by everyone and in everyday life. According to me that practice is simplicity.

One of the tool we use in simplicity is decluttering. In this activity we clear physical things along with its memories. Declutteering means removing the clutter from your life and only live with things you need. This allows your undivided focus on the important areas of your life. You stop accumulating unnecessary material stuff and start enjoying simple pleasures of day to day life. In the journey of simplicity, we release the thoughts and karma related to those stuffs and desires. You might have felt light while clearing drawers and giving away things you did not need. This is nothing but releasing all the memories attached with those things. As we start releasing the Karmas, we become subtle and pure from within. 

Simplicity gives us the peace of mind just like the one you get one when you are in deep meditation. It teaches us about contentment. It teaches us being more with less. With less stuffs and less commitments we create space in our life. This reduce the stress to a great extent. Imagine a room with full of furniture and a room with only necessary furniture with more space. Which one gives you more peace of mind? We start focusing on other areas of life like creativity. After fulfilling our material needs, it is very important that we fulfill our creative side as well. Simplicity allow us to do that by making us aware of what is important and what really gives us happiness.

You cannot change your lifestyle in one night. Give sometime to yourself and choose one area at a time. Perhaps you can start with decluttering one room of your house or you can start writing the first chapter of book you avoided from long time. You can just choose to spend more time with family instead of watching TV or you can start taking care of your health by starting exercise. Chose one area and slowly you will transform your life. 

In simplicity, we uncover many layers and at the end we are just left with the truth.

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