Just for Today I will be Happy – Inspired from 5 Reiki Precepts

We plan so many things for future and we regret for so many moments of our past. Most of the time, we are either cursing our past or we are planning our future, but hardly we live in present. Nobody on this earth can guarantee that he or she will be alive tomorrow and still we don’t appreciate the present moment. It is how our mind is trained from the childhood. It is always running after something and never feel the peace. What we need is a daily reminder for our mind to stop wandering everywhere and come home to this present moment, to this beautiful moment where we can find the peace and happiness.

I am a student of energy healing and try to study different streams of it. One of the major streams of energy healing is Reiki. It is an 100 year old Japanese energy healing system which has become very famous across the world. It was founded by Dr.Mikao Usui somewhere in 1920. Reiki is very effective in healing and can be learned by anyone. I have learned that successful system or person always have powerful principles or values and Reiki is no exception.  Dr. Usui gave 5 basic principles or precepts which can help the person in healing. I feel that they are the basic principles to live life happily.

Those 5 principles make you pure and remove all the energy block. I am not going to teach you Reiki as myself does not know much about it, but we will review the principles. They all focus on to live in the present moment. I have found that it becomes difficult when we decide any changes to sustain life long. Instead, we should just target today. We should just think about today and how we will live our habit just for today. That sound so relaxing. We just have to control our mind just for today. Every morning just plan for today.

Below are the 5 Reiki precepts which are the base of the most successful energy healing system. Take a deep breath and get your mind to read them with complete focus. Each one of them can change your life for goodness. It reminds you that you don’t need to change yourself completely, but be calm just for today. It is not overwhelming for me to not get angry just for today and that makes it easy to convince my mind. If I tell my mind that I will stop worrying for my entire life, then I know that it is not possible and looks very difficult to change. All I need to affirm is that just for today I will not worry.

Gratitude is one of the keys to find happiness. What we need to do is just be grateful today for all the blessings we have received from God. Gratitude will give you peace of mind, which is necessary for energy healing. Even though you have no intention to do energy healing, having some moments of peacefulness will make you feel happy. Working honestly is more related to giving your 100% in everything you do. This not only improve the productivity, but will also give you sense of fulfillment and you just need to do it for today. Kindness can release so many negative emotions from our mind. If we think that we will be kind just for today, then we will be free from many grudges and hatred. Being kind to someone also prospers relationships. Kindness is connectivity between two human beings who can be strangers as well.

I – Just for today, I will not be angry.

II – Just for today, I will not worry.

III – Just for today, I will be grateful.

IV – Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Below are the 6 precepts in my own version. It ultimately reflects the same messages, but I prefer to have sentences in positive manner. You can also make your own precepts based on the challenges you are facing. For, e.g. If you are struggling to get rid of any bad habits like smoking, then write down Just for today, I will not smoke.

I – Just for today, I will be calm.

II – Just for today, I will have faith.

III – Just for today, I will be grateful.

IV – Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

VI- Just for today, I will be Happy.

If possible, then write down your precepts and read it every morning before you get into your daily routines. This will help you set the momentum for the entire day. You will be amazed when you get angry on someone and your mind will remind you that you are not going to get angry and be calm for just for today. Similarly when you have many complaints from life, your mind will show you many blessings you have received till now and suddenly you will feel that you are the luckiest person on earth.

We instill many negative thoughts throughout our life, but just for today let’s give it positive thoughts and in returns we will get eternal peace of mind and happiness. Happy living.

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