Knowledge is Power to break illusions

We go through various education systems to know many things that can help us in job or business or just to live a good life. Many of us also attend seminars, lectures or conferences to get new ideas or to learn new stuff. When we find someone intellectual or knowledgeable person, then we would like to learn something for ourselves as well. In old days, people who knew a lot, were respected by everyone. Have we ever tried to understand the basic fundamentals of getting the knowledge or why we are so inclined to learn it? If we understand this, then we can save lots of time and become more effective because knowledge is power.

To understand why knowledge is power, let us look at the example of the lift. Now suppose you don’t have any knowledge of the lift and someone just pushed you inside it and the doors are closed. You get the feeling of being stuck and fear start mounting in your mind as you do not know what will happen next. You see some buttons, but you are afraid to press any of it as you do not know what it could do. You start imagining that you might die soon due to lack of oxygen. Keep in mind that you do not know anything about the lift yet. You are waiting for someone to save you from this big metal box. Suddenly a voice speaks in the lift and it gives you all the information about the lift as what it is and how to operate it. All your fears are gone now just because you now have the knowledge of it and you feel like a master of the lift now. You press the button of the floor you want to go on and you carry on with your journey.

You might be wondering as why I am talking about the knowledge as we all are aware what knowledge can do to your life. I am just trying to bring a different perspective to it that I experienced recently. Knowledge breaks lots of illusions and I think that we have created many illusions around our selves. Illusions of being successful or being happy or being alive. We have also created the illusion of life and we assume that we are never going to die. Even though we see deaths of many people around us, we tell ourselves that this is not going to happen to us. That is a great example of ignorance and surprisingly all of us have that.

Today we are so advanced that we are trying to get the knowledge of what might be there on other planets. We have spent lots of money and energy to create spacecraft, just to get even a small hint of life on the other planets. We must be having millions of research centres working on different objectives to get the knowledge of something we did not have earlier. Compared to that we have not spent even 1% on knowing our inner self. From the childhood we are only exploring our physical self and completely ignored what is going inside us. When I say inside of us, I am not talking about internal physical parts, but I am talking about knowing our mind or our soul.

I started getting lots of doubts in my mind recently. What if all that we think about good life is nothing but an illusion? What if we spend our entire lifetime to achieve some standards and when we get them, they no more have any value to us? What if we realized that we ignored all the signals given to us to find our purpose of life? What if there is a very simple solution to all our miseries? What if on our deathbed we realized that all that we lived was a lie? I believe that we take rebirths to fulfil our ultimate purpose and to seek the final truth. What if we waste another life by limiting only to physical self and what if the next birth is not of human? Sometimes all these questions scares me a lot and out of that fear I got the strong desire to start an inner journey.

I am still a seeker of truth, but I found some tools or ways which can help us to find our answers.

The first step is to accept that I don’t know. It is very hard for human being to accept that he does not know what life is as he is living this from long time and he cannot be ignorant of it. But, if we really want to find something beyond our physical self, then first we will have to let go of all our beliefs and accept that we don’t know anything about it. That is when your mind becomes restless as we all are longing to find that we do not know. It becomes easier to start the journey. We might have studied lots of our religious books or might have heard many leaders, but what if they all were wrong. I am not saying they are, but how can we be sure that they were right. Remember we got only one lifetime and we cannot just spend it on someone else’s knowledge.

Gautama Buddha said that “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” We believe that there is one God who will decide based on our Karma that we will go to heaven or hell. We only believe, but we really never met God or never been to heaven or hell. We cannot trust people who claim to know all these because they themselves have not experienced this. When we let go of our beliefs and assumptions, we open the new doors of possibilities.

The next step is focus and involvement. We have so many distractions that it is highly possible that next day we forget what we were trying to achieve. Again, the questions come to our rescue. We cannot change ourselves from the first day, but we can ask if what we are doing currently is really going to help to find our answers. My mind is so naughty that it questions me in response that what if what you are seeking is not there and we are only supposed to live like this as everyone is doing the same. Fair enough and I reply that what if everyone is in illusion. It is possible that I might not get the answers, but I remind my mind that I will find it on my own what the truth is.

The last step is to use some tools. Now we cannot go on travel without all the required tools. Similarly we need something for our inner journey as well. One of the greatest and simplest tool is meditation. We only look meditation as a relaxing exercise to remove all our stress and make us feel better. It definitely does that, but it is much more than that. It allows to peek inside our mind. It allows us to observe our thoughts and it allows us to connect with our source.

People who regularly practice meditation knows that you get into a different world and you do not realize how much time you have spent. Try this yourself without any prejudice beliefs. Just observe things as it is. Another aspect is that of Guru. He is someone who can guide you and remind you of your search. He might not be able to take you to your ultimate goal, but he can definitely support you. It is advisable to choose the right guru otherwise you can go into a different direction.

It is possible that after going through this journey you find your truth and you come to conclusion that you have to live the life the way you were living. You will have to live with the same people and with same surrounding. But, with completely different perspectives or different vision. I cannot tell you how as myself does not know. Knowledge is the real power, but it is more effective when you achieve it through your own experience. Let us try to find the ultimate possibility of human life through awakening.

Happy Seeking.

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