Let’s be kids again and learn how to live

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. “ Confucius

I am not a philosopher who will explain the life in his own creative way. I am a simple man and I want my life simple too. You might be saying who wants complications in life. That is true, but is it reality? We all know from deep inside that we are responsible for our own life.  Many times at the end of the day we think that situation could have been different or better?

If you ask someone which part of the life he or she wants to live again, then many of them will say their childhood. We all liked when we were kids mainly because our life was simple and fun. As we grow up we have to face the world and all its complications. I agree that we are bombarded with lots of responsibilities as we get old. I do not want to discuss about problems, but want to throw some light on how we react to it.

Let’s go back to our childhood and see how different we were. In the childhood even though we fought with any boy or girl, we would play with them on the next day. We didn’t know what was hatred and revenge. We were so innocent that we forget what happened yesterday and now we cannot even forget what happened many years back. We keep all the grudges and anger that we cannot give place to love in our heart. Let’s be kids again and forgive everyone including you and spread love.

When we were kids the whole neighborhood would know whether we were happy or sad. We would cry loud without noticing people around us and we would not stop laughing when we are happy. Kids are so expressive that we always feel that their smile is innocent and real. They don’t care about world and they just be what they really are. They will smile and hug to their loved ones like they really mean it. As we grow up our smile get lost somewhere and is only visible sometimes. We start worrying about the world and forget about caring for our loved ones. We take our family and friends for granted and assume that they know that we love them. Let’s be kids again and express our feelings to family and friends and make them realize that they are important in our lives.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” Audrey Hepburn

We looked at life as there was nothing wrong in it. Everything was perfect. We wanted to make new friends, learn new things, have fun and enjoy each day to the fullest. We knew how to be happy and make happy. I know that we cannot be carefree like kids now, but at least we can leave the baggage of past behind and feel light. We cannot always smile like kids, but we can have one good laugh in whole day and can try to bring smile on at least one person’s face. I know we cannot live like kids, but we can learn the values of life and can appreciate it.

Let’s be kids again and let’s be free again and let’s live again and let’s be happy again.

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