Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey where path is more important than destination.

Many times we read or listen that life is wonderful but hardly we feel about it. What is life after all and how should we live it. Life is a period between your first breath and your last breath. You don’t have control on your birth and death but you do have control of your life.

We are only responsible of  how we are spending our life. On the path of life there are many left and right turns. Its upon us which turn do we take and we are only responsible for where do we end up. Please remember that there will be ways which will make our life wonderful.

Life is very beautiful, it is just that we need eyes to see it and heart to feel it. In today’s world we don’t even have time to ask our self ” Am I Happy?” Ask this question to yourself and see what answer you get. The main reason is that we have forgotten how to live life. God made human as a beautiful source of life among all others. Even tree, plants, animals also have life. But god gave human much more but we didn’t value them. How many of us thank god in the morning for the life.

Till the time we feel that something is valuable for us, we wont be able to give importance to it.  Today we value objective things more than our life and forget that those objects are only to make our life better. We work hard to earn money and we spend those money for our health which we lost due to hard working.

Life is beautiful if its not then make it. Its your birth right to make your life wonderful. Lets promise our self today that we will live like it is supposed to be and will make this world a better place to live.

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