Living the life of a parrot

Life is a blank canvas and we are the artist. We can fill the colors we want in it. It can be color of sadness or color of happiness. It can be color of sorrow or color of hope. It can be color of scarcity or color of fulfillment. I liked one quote very much. It says that ”We are the author of our own life”. It struck me straight into heart. I felt like I have encountered the truth of millennium. I know that many self help books say this with all the noise that we are responsible for everything that happens with us. But I feel that this can be explained in a more artistic way as mentioned above and that’s the beauty of it.

When we realize that the brush is in our hand and we can paint the canvas in whatever way we want then our creativity comes to reality. We choose our carrier as per what our family and friends approve or think is perfect. We live the life as per the standards set by others. Like we should get a blue collar job or should get married at certain age or should have predefined wealth at particular age. We live our life like a parrot in a cage.

One of my friend has a parrot baby. He is training it on different aspects like flying in a room or stand on his fingers or when to go into a cage. Most of us reacted with a wow and we rarely see such acts. Somehow I had a different reaction. I felt that it could have done much more than this given that the parrot was free. It could have gone into sky and it could have seen the earth from above. It could have shared the warmth with others of its kind. Every day the life could have been a new adventure but sadly it’s not.

The parrot definitely got many claps for its new learned skills by his masters and master’s friends. Similarly we also get appreciation from our friends and family members when we achieved something of their standards. But we need to ask question to our self do we really want to live the life of a cage with acceptance and appreciation or we want the life of adventure. Choice is yours.

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