Make your Mind Sing Positive Thoughts


Have you ever experienced that you heard a song in the morning and it stays with you for the entire day? You might start humming it in your office and person sitting next to you also get the signal of that song. This happens unconsciously and we would all like that our mind start thinking positive thoughts in such a way so that we do not get stressed. Most of the time our dominating thoughts are negative or stressful. If we understand how our mind works, then for the most part of a day we can have thoughts that we want to think.

It is possible that we can change our thoughts in the way we want. It definitely needs some practice and understanding of some principles. In this article, we will discuss those principles in detail. But, first of all, we need to understand as how some thoughts become dominating and some don’t. This will help us to change to thoughts we want to think. It is also important that we spend some conscious time in deciding as what kind of thoughts we would like to have. Normally people would like to connect with good feelings. Please remember that good feeling is an effect, what we need to change is the cause.

I try to have two kinds of positive thoughts. First, I would think of good memories of life. This also includes being grateful for what God has given me. I think of my journey from where I started and where I have reached. This does not need to be an extraordinary story like many successful people. I believe that in some or other way we all had our fights with destiny and we came out of many unfavorable situations. The other kind is where I would like to think about what I want from life. Most of the time we think about what is wrong with our lives and then we feel depressed. Thinking about what we want helps us in staying focused even in hard times. It is not possible to continuously think on these two kinds as the mind tends to move towards negativity, but we will have to keep on trying.

We can follow below steps and practice them every day.

Observing the mind – For the next few days observe what all you have as dominating thoughts. Try to see from where they are coming. Mostly they come as they had a very deep impact when it first originated. For, e.g. someone close to you said something bad about you. It came as a shock to you and had a very profound impact on you. Now the second reason is the regret about the reaction you gave and what you could have given. One thought after another comes and it becomes a whirlpool of angry thoughts.

Thoughts are like radio waves in the atmosphere. Once you have a negative thought, your mind will capture all the related negative thoughts from the atmosphere and it gets out of control. We become helpless and cannot do anything to stop our mind from becoming stressful. Similarly, there are positive thoughts there in the environment around us. We have to consciously think a good thought and then monitor and allow only those that are helpful to us.

Deciding what you want to think – As mentioned above this can be related to some loving memories from past or some of the goals that we want to achieve. Most importantly we would like to think some event of the future. Maybe fulfilling our goals. This can be anything that you want to think about. Keep in mind that thinking holy thoughts will generate more sattva element and the good feeling will last long. Thought of hurting someone may look pleasurable in the starting, but in reality, they will attract more negative thoughts.

Make a list of all the things that you want to think about. For, e.g. blessings you have in your life like family, children, house, job, car. You can also make the list of goals like a better job, dream travel, amount of money you want and peace of mind. You might have to revisit this list every day to command your mind to think about it. You may or may not discuss this with someone depending upon the reaction you expect. People normally ridicule this kind of behavior and ask us to live in reality. I never understood how can thinking negative becomes reality.

Follow the system – Instill a positive thought and create a grape wine of the related thoughts. For, e.g. you want to spend a good time with your family. This is the main idea. Now start thinking about how can you do that or think about the priceless reaction of your family members. Imagine their happy faces, imagine how you would feel. Make it as real as possible in your mind. Stick positive quotes in your house and in office. If you are much into mobile phones, then you can download apps of positive thoughts. If possible, then avoid social media as it tends to generate thoughts of jealousy and anger.

Bombard yourself only with happiness and consciously practice thinking only good thoughts. The question comes as why should we put so much efforts. The first benefit is the good feelings that we achieve rather than feeling depressed. Second, it will show the impact in our action. For, e.g. you might be far away from your goals and currently, you are blaming all the possible people like your parents, spouse, your boss and even God. Above exercise will help you stay focused on your better future and will inspire you to take action for the same.

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