Momentary Spirituality

It amazes me when people say that they become pure veg on some days of the week and for the remaining days they prefer non-veg food. I think this must be the unique feature of India only. When you ask them why they do not eat non-veg food on Monday or Tuesday, you will get the reply that Monday is for Lord Shiva and Tuesday is of Lord Ganesha. Some have Thursdays and Friday as well. Deep inside they also believe that eating non-veg food is not good, but the problem is that we continuously struggle between our God and evil versions and that is why we see momentary spirituality in today’s world.

Becoming pure is not an easy task. We have to let go of all our impurity from our body and as well as from our mind. Our food, our acts and our thoughts need to reflect sanctity. We know that we cannot follow such life and hence we try to find the midway. We decide that we will only do that is convenient for us. We will agree to everything that scripture says or some enlighten preaching us, but we will do only that is suitable to us. If you closely observe, then you realize that we actually give up against our mind.

Let me try to give an illustration as to how the dialog might happen between you and your mind when a conflicting situation arises.

(Confused) You – I should not eat non-veg from now onward. So going forward please do not force me to do the same.

Mind – You are eating non-veg from the childhood and it is so tasty. So many people in the world eat it. The world works this way only. Imagine what will happen if everyone starts eating plants. It will not be enough for everyone. You are just trying to balance the ecosystem and don’t forget how much you enjoyed the chicken biryani last time.

(Suddenly you are overwhelmed with the emotion of helping the ecosystem and you remember the mouth-watering biryani you had the last time. This is a trick of mind to get the memory of last enjoyed food on the surface so that you get the desire to relive the same moment again)

(Poor) You – Hmmm, you might be right, but I should not kill the animals for my own pleasure. (Hoping that your mind would give you some more convincing answer to continue with non-veg)

Mind – You are not killing the animal. They will anyway get slaughtered. If you do not eat, then someone else would do. If you really want to be a good human being, then maybe you can be pure vegetarian on Tuesday as you have strong faith in Ganesha. In this way, Lord Ganesha will also be pleased.

(Happy) You – That is a perfect idea. I will take an oath that I will not eat non-veg food on Tuesday, even if there is any treat or party. I am trying to be a good human being and I will be better than those who eat non-veg on Tuesday. I don’t understand how they can do that.

And the mind wins over the truth.

Non-veg food is just a small example and I mentioned it because that is when the idea of momentary spirituality hit me. We do so many things that completely contradict to what we pretend to believe. For, e.g. I have seen people who would donate lakhs of rupees towards building temples and churches, but they will not help their poor relatives. We follow a religion, but we don’t want to follow all the teachings of our deity. We want to proclaim that our religious book like Bhagwad Geeta, Bible or Quran is the highest of all, but we don’t want to study and understand the same. We can definitely see where the world is going with that kind of attitude.

Our situation is like a person who is holding on to a gold chain and can only taste the nectar when he leaves the chain. We are attracted towards both and hence we momentary leaves the gold chain and enjoy the nectar, but again we go back and tie ourselves to the same chain. I just want to provoke a thought that we can enjoy all the nectar and become blissful, but only if we free ourself. Sages have said that atheist is hundred times better than who pretends to be religious. At least, an atheist is truthful to himself and has the courage. It is believed that if an atheist start searching for God, then he will definitely find him.

Our karma and mind impressions of our lives hold us back to grow in spirituality. We need to decide whether we really want to walk on the path of truth or not. If we decide that we want to, then we need to be persuasive to reach the destination. We might get some obstacles in the path and we should only look at them as an opportunity to learn. If we are not sure, then there is no point in walking the path half-heartedly. We will never reach anywhere.

I pray that we all get the courage to let go of gold chain so that we all can enjoy the nectar and become blissful for the entire life.

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