2017: A recap of the year that was and one simple idea for 2018

2017 was a great year. We achieved many things and we instilled many dreams for next year. Many of us made new resolutions as we see a new year as a new beginning in a hope that part of our life that we don’t like will change. The question is how things will change in next year if we don’t change. It’s not just a new year, but every new day and every new minute brings itself with a chance to change. I am no different from you and I have also made many promises to myself, but could not fulfill all. In next year the list to achieve will remain same for me, but I am going to change my approach.

I have noticed that we get tensed when we see how many goals we need to achieve with limited time and resources. We tend to find it impossible to achieve and then we easily give up. So this year I want to change myself and the way I approach. I have broken down my big goals into tiny daily routines. For, e.g. I want to write more this year and want to reach to many more people through my blog. It seems difficult with other responsibilities. So instead of getting worried and end up doing nothing, I have decided to do few simple things which are possible for me. Continue reading

Make your Mind Sing Positive Thoughts


Have you ever experienced that you heard a song in the morning and it stays with you for the entire day? You might start humming it in your office and person sitting next to you also get the signal of that song. This happens unconsciously and we would all like that our mind start thinking positive thoughts in such a way so that we do not get stressed. Most of the time our dominating thoughts are negative or stressful. If we understand how our mind works, then for the most part of a day we can have thoughts that we want to think.

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Yoga is not what you think


Yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years. The teachings of Yoga has been introduced to western countries by spiritual gurus like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivananda, and Paramahansa Yogananda and many more in last one century. The intention was to introduce the ancient teachings of sages to remove modern world’s misery. They did a great job, but we only took part of it and thought that we would be enlightened with it. How wrong were we? Continue reading

Depression from the Vedanta perspective with one exercise

I wanted to write on depression for a long time as I have also suffered it and it is my deep desire to help people in their fight against it. However, I never received my own answers until I started studying Upanishads which are also referred to as Vedanta.

Nowadays, we see many cases of depression. Many NGOs are working towards it and many celebrities are coming forward to share their own experiences. They are not limited to any age, caste, country or faith. Anybody can be a victim of it and sometimes it leads to death as well. Continue reading

Momentary Spirituality

It amazes me when people say that they become pure veg on some days of the week and for the remaining days they prefer non-veg food. I think this must be the unique feature of India only. When you ask them why they do not eat non-veg food on Monday or Tuesday, you will get the reply that Monday is for Lord Shiva and Tuesday is of Lord Ganesha. Some have Thursdays and Friday as well. Deep inside they also believe that eating non-veg food is not good, but the problem is that we continuously struggle between our God and evil versions and that is why we see momentary spirituality in today’s world.

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