Yoga is not what you think


Yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years. The teachings of Yoga has been introduced to western countries by spiritual gurus like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivananda, and Paramahansa Yogananda and many more in last one century. The intention was to introduce the ancient teachings of sages to remove modern world’s misery. They did a great job, but we only took part of it and thought that we would be enlightened with it. How wrong were we? Continue reading

Depression from the Vedanta perspective with one exercise

I wanted to write on depression for a long time as I have also suffered it and it is my deep desire to help people in their fight against it. However, I never received my own answers until I started studying Upanishads which are also referred to as Vedanta.

Nowadays, we see many cases of depression. Many NGOs are working towards it and many celebrities are coming forward to share their own experiences. They are not limited to any age, caste, country or faith. Anybody can be a victim of it and sometimes it leads to death as well. Continue reading

Momentary Spirituality

It amazes me when people say that they become pure veg on some days of the week and for the remaining days they prefer non-veg food. I think this must be the unique feature of India only. When you ask them why they do not eat non-veg food on Monday or Tuesday, you will get the reply that Monday is for Lord Shiva and Tuesday is of Lord Ganesha. Some have Thursdays and Friday as well. Deep inside they also believe that eating non-veg food is not good, but the problem is that we continuously struggle between our God and evil versions and that is why we see momentary spirituality in today’s world.

Continue reading

The Art of Frustration

Frustration is a very commonly used word in today’s life. I think we all feel it in some part of the day and every day. It is a message that the current situation is not pleasant or not in line with our expectation. For, e.g. I want to spend some time with myself, but then there are so many household chores that I need to finish. It definitely frustrates me because there is nothing much I can do here and will have to keep my expectation aside and will have to surrender to the situation and feel angry.

Similarly, we feel frustrated when we are stuck in traffic, or when we are not able to finish our work, or when someone wastes our precious time. We just looked at small matters that frustrates us, but there are important and big matters as well. One of the biggest concerns of the frustration is our distance between our current reality and our dreams. It happens when we do a periodical review or when suddenly it strikes us that we are nowhere close to achieving our dreams. This makes us very uncomfortable and irritation runs through our entire body. Continue reading

World of Unlimited Possibilities

Recently, I went out to eat dinner with few friends. I have a habit of asking questions to friends which allow me to know them better. This time I asked them what will they do if they get $2 million as a gift. To elaborate I asked them, whether they will continue the job they are in or whether they will follow any dreams. Couple of them were sure about what they want to do with life, but most of them took the time to think. First, they had to believe that it could be possible for them to get $2 million. This conversation led me to a question as how many times we think about unlimited possibilities.

Most of the people leave the life in ordinary ways because they never thought that there are thousands of other ways to live a great one. Our habitual thinking allows us to think within the limited space or on limited subjects. I would suggest you do this one exercise. Observe the people around you and see what kind of conversation they are having. Most of it would be either on the latest news or about gossiping or favourite TV shows. You will find that they all sound similar. How many times we actually discuss life on the other planets or life after death?

My intention to write this article is to train your brain to think of possibilities which it never thought before. Let’s start with our own self. Have you observed as to how do we process our food? First of all, there are these small seeds planted in the earth. It uses sunlight and water to grow with some help from a farmer. We then cook it and give it some taste and then we eat the food and it goes into the stomach. This is then processed by some automatic system and we generate energy to live a good life.

Did you observe as how many times energy changed its forms? Have you ever thought that what was outside us a few moments back, became one with ourself. A banana becomes a part of human body. Isn’t it magic? If food can become a part of our body, then think about what all things must be possible in this world. It is all about changing the perception. What man thought impossible 100 years back, has become very common in the present world. Who thought that we would be able to speak to someone thousand miles away with an instrument which has no wires? Things that we take for granted teach us big lessons of life, only if we observe them closely.

Our mind is trained in such a way that it cannot accept any new idea unless it is trained. The reason mind gives you body aches when you start yoga for the first time is that it never had such exposures earlier. It keeps on reminding you that this is not good for your body, but ultimately with the help of yoga, you control your mind. Think of your mind as a compact wooden block which does not allow anything of outside. We need hammer and nails to create holes in it so that it can allow the sunshine to enter it. We need thoughts of unlimited possibilities and we need persistence.

Another aspect to look at is the possibilities beyond this life. Have you ever thought that there is a possibility that we might be living in a dream and after death, we will actually wake up? After death, will we really find all the Gods that we worship or we will be lost in the darkness? Do we really go to heaven or hell or our spirit lives in a parallel universe? There is so much to think and talk about, but our favourite topic is either weekend planning  or traffic issues.

Swami Vivekananda has said something beautiful on this topic. He has mentioned that think about one limited idea in your mind. Now rationally limited can only be defined if there is unlimited. Any limited idea must be part of something big and something unlimited. For, e.g. when we look at the star in the sky, we are looking at only limited part of the sky. Is there any limit to the sky? It is only our perception and our ability to see that allow us to look at the limited or unlimited. Similarly, we see God as limited in one small statue. How can God be limited?

Some of my observation which can happen if we start thinking of unlimited possibilities. There will be so many inventions to make our life better. There will be cure for all the disease. No more we would be the slave of money as money itself is limited. Abundance and energy are unlimited. There would be no wars between countries as we would not be a citizen of a limited space. We will not be limited to this body because our real nature is unlimited and to realize that is the whole purpose of this life.

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