Reviving Forgotten Dreams

Recently I saw one advertisement where they called 5 or 6 kids of around 7 to 8 years of age and their parents. As an experiment, kids were asked to paint what they want to become in future. At the same time, parents were also asked to paint what they want their kids to become in the future. Both kids and parents did this exercise separately without knowing each other’s desires. When all the parents and kids were asked to show their pictures and the result was surprising.

None of the parents were thinking same as their kids. One set of parents wanted his kid to become a pilot, but the kid wanted to become a Ferrari racer. One kid wanted to become a wild life photographer while parents wanted him to become a doctor. The idea of the Ad was to make parents realize that they need to be ready for the future as it can bring lots of surprises. However, it had a different impact on me. I looked it at as a phase where we lost our dreams. How practical we became over a period of time that we forgot what we always wanted to become.

Society has decided some norms which everyone is supposed to follow where becoming doctor or pilot is the ultimate standard of success. We have been programmed to believe that these kinds of work are the only real profession and others are of sub standards. We try to imply same norms to our kids as well and the start the same story again. We lost our passion and our dreams long back when we became adult.

We have been assigned or we took over many responsibilities in this world and being a good human being we would sacrifice our own desires to fulfill those responsibilities. This is perfectly a sound practice. However, we should not let go of our dreams. We all have that inner child who wants to do something for his own self and we should not suppress him. The problem is that this happens so automatically and unconsciously that we do not even realize that we are walking on a complete different path than what we dreamed of.

I am not saying that at the age of 7 to 8 years you really know what you want to become. But, at least we have an idea what kind of work we enjoy. It is not just about the success, but also about fulfillment. Many of us are really not allowed to follow our dreams because of all the responsibilities, but time comes when we are at a decent level of life and that is the time to revive our dreams. Perhaps you wanted to become a music teacher or a painter or just wanted to start your own NGO. It is never too late to live those dreams. You just do not have to connect it with success.

Reasons to revive your dreams.

They define us – Our dreams define us and they make us what we really are from inside. There are billions of people alive on the earth and so does billions of dreams. Your dreams make you unique. All the inventors, scientists, businessmen are all dreamers who manifested their dreams into reality. Again, many of them actually do not care about money. Their passion lies in bringing in front of everyone what they have seen in mind.

They fulfill us – We get the fulfillment for the creation we gave to the world. Size does not matter. You actually release the desire hidden inside from a long time. It gives immense joy of satisfaction as well. Many commercial company lures you to buy their product to follow your dreams and it works because they know the importance of it.

They make us alive – We are living an automated life where everything is set right from the time we wake up till we go to sleep. If you have read about people suffering of cancer who are going to die soon, then you will find that they have made the decisions to live their remaining life joyously and to work on fulfilling their dreams. They do such actions because they feel alive again. Death reminds them what they have left behind and they start valuing everything that life has offered to them. The point is that we do not need to wait till death knocks our door and we can feel alive again when we rekindle our dreams.

How to revive your lost dreams?

Find it out – There might be people like me who actually forgot what were their real dreams. If you fall in that category, then go into wonderland of past and try to remember what you used to wish for. If you have your parents alive, then ask them. Please remember that your dreams are still there in your mind, they are just hiding somewhere because you didn’t take care of them. Do meditation on it and I am sure you will find. Do not worry if you do not find. They might not be so worthy. Start dreaming again as it is never too late to dream. This time hold them tight and don’t let them go away from you.

Follow it – Spare some time from your busy schedule. Even 10 minutes a day is a good start. Remember you are not in a hurry and you want to enjoy the journey as well. So be patient and fulfill some part of your dream everyday. If you always wanted to become a writer, then spend 10 minutes everyday just for writing. Write anything you like and do not think how others will look at it. It is your creation for your own self.

Go for impossible – Dreams are worth fulfilling only when they look impossible. It should stretch you beyond your limitation. Your motivation comes when your goal is bigger than you. Simple and easy ones will fade away soon. Compete with your own self and out of that will arise your best creativity.

No success or failures – Do not measure your result based on success or failures. Just attempt it and do it again. Enjoy the entire process from the bottom of your heart. It is your dream and you will achieve it sooner or later. Don’t get disheartened if you cannot do it in near future. Make it your goal of lifetime. Commit your entire birth to it.

You are a shell and your dream is your pearl, it is your treasure.

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