Self Honesty is a true expression

If I use the word honest, then you might start thinking about not taking bribe or being ethical and many more ideas. However, I am going to discuss something different here. It is true that we all feel that we are honest, but let us go through below questionnaire and then decide. No one is looking at you and you are the only one who knows the answers.

Do you agree to everything that you follow in life? For, e.g. all the religious rituals or the way success is defined or the way you behave with other people.

Are you showing your true self to the world or even to your family?

Do you sometimes feel like running away from everything that you have created around yourself and only be with your own self and then have dismissed that feeling hundreds of times?

Do you hide your fears so that people don’t look at you as a weak person?

Are you living your life the way you want and not the way society wants you to?

I try to be honest with others, but I hardly try to be truthful with my own self. India is a very religious country, but I do not know what all the rituals really mean and I do not get any extra ordinary feelings after following them. We do that because we have been told and if we question, then we hardly find answers. This is just one area of life, but if we introspect, then we will find that we have so much around us to which we do not agree.

Our true self is not visible even to our close family. The question is what is our true self? Not sure if we have answer to this because all these years we are showing what is expected out of us. The only way to find it is by being honest with our own self. We need to be very direct towards everything that we do. For, e.g. If we want happiness in life, then there is no need to wait for years for becoming successful as per the society standards. We can become happy right now in this moment. If we don’t believe in the statue that is seen by people as God, then it is completely fine. You have full right to find your own God or even not to find one.

We have created so much of noise and disturbance around us that we hardly can see the truth. We all enjoy vacation because that is time when we become relaxed and feel with our own self. The direct question here is that why cannot we have vacation all the time. It is surprising that we put lots of hard work for entire year to go for luxury vacation 2 to 3 times in a year. Why cannot we just live that way for entire life? We can only simplify life if we let go of all the unwanted layers and become a truthful person.

Life is all about expressing yourself, but importantly your true self. I think it is very difficult and the only reason is that we are not straightforward and honest. If I have to give example of someone, then I would talk about about Bruce lee. We know him as an actor who introduced martial art to the world through movies. However, he was more than just action hero. Before he entered the industry, many Chinese actors were showing martial art by flying high and doing all the non necessary steps. For Bruce lee, it was important that he expresses himself rather than following what was going on for ages. We all know what kind of success he received because of this one quality.

We have not lived our life fully if we only followed what others said or did. We tend to suppress our inner voice because we don’t have courage to either break the status quo or take risks. This inner voice of us try to remind us for what we were born on this earth. If we start listening to it and be straightforward with what we want in life, then we will achieve happiness and peace of mind. I am sure that we will not have the feeling of regret or not doing something on our deathbed.

We have all the knowledge inside us, we just need to be honest and courageous enough to follow it.

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