Simple joys to cherish

“The most simple things can bring the most happiness.” Izabella Scorupco

We get abundant moments of joy everyday. Life offers us many opportunities to feel great and happy only if we consciously decide to do so. Many times it happens when I am in the midst of all chaos and suddenly I get the feeling of fulfillment and joy. The irony is that the feeling of joy comes from some of my day to day moments. Obviously I feel happy when something big and great happens in life, but today I am just trying to bring your attention to all those simple day to day moments which can fill your heart with happiness.

Smile of loved ones – Smile clicks an instant connection between two person. When your spouse or your family member smiles, you know that they are happy. The only thing in the world that can give me relaxation after I come home from long tiring day is the smile of my wife and my daughter. I am sure that such moments matter to most of us, but how many times we really cherish them. When you exchange smiles with loved ones, you actually give warning to your troubles to stay out of your life as you just want to be happy now.

Reading a book – Light a scented candle, play soft music and get lost in a beautiful world of a book. It sounds very relaxing and it feels the same. Many of us might have the habit of reading a book and if you don’t have, then I strongly suggest you develop one. My only urge is to take out special time for the reading and don’t get disturbed by other thoughts as you will handle them once you are done with your reading. Even reading of 10 to 15 minutes a day matters.

Glazing at nature – I don’t do this daily, but it happens when I am traveling or when I am sitting in a chair near the window. Suddenly I gaze at the window and I see a beautiful tree with lots of green leaves and birds trying to find a place to sit. At that moment I don’t know how, but the voice of traffic goes in the background and all I can hear is soothing chirping of birds. I am lucky to see a lake on the way to work. Many times the stillness of water in a lake brings stillness in my mind and I am just blank for a moment and I feel immense joy.

A small act of kindness – Human mind is very strange as it continuously forces us to get more, but it feels great when we give to others. Small act of kindness can be anything from holding a gate for someone or giving a packet of biscuit to poor kid or giving food to animals and birds. We might not get these kinds of opportunities all the time, but when we get don’t feel hesitate. Even if you can’t give anything, then give good thoughts, bless people. You are a kind human being.

Connecting with friends or colleagues – This is one thing I miss a lot after leaving my college. I remember how I and my friends used to meet for hours and were discussing all the nonsense topics. I am still searching for those joyous moments and I am not able to even find it in matured discussion because it lacks the connection of friendship. You are lucky if you can meet your true friends even once a week. Do cherish all the moments.

Enjoying a meal – Many people pray before they start eating. This is to feel grateful for the food and to bring your mind to the current moment to enjoy food. When was the last time when you could really remember the taste and smell of food? Keep a light environment while having the food and exchange good thoughts.

A moment of gratitude – Do you want to know how lucky you are? Then, spend some minutes in counting your blessings. When you feel thankful for God’s gifts, you feel happy. We many spend many hours in criticizing past or in planning future. But, if we spend few minutes of gratitude, then we can release lots of stress. We come to know how far we have reached and how blessed we are. This also increases confidence in ourselves and trust in God.

There are so many simple joys apart from mentioned above like playing, enjoying coffee, going for a walk and many more. You might have come up with some more ideas of joys in your mind after reading the article and that is all that matters. Happy living.

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