Simple ways to Unwind yourself

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”  Jim Goodwin

I just came from a very nice vacation from Rajasthan. It is a very beautiful part of India. People across the world come to visit it. For me it was more of a family trip and we had a great time. I was away from my routine and was very relaxed. My wife and I both like to travel and we make efforts to go out and see new places. While on the trip I started thinking that do we really need to go out to unwind yourself or we can do the same in our daily life. Traveling new places is great thing to do, but waiting to get relaxed only in vacation is not a good idea. 

We all need breaks from our routine life. We all feel that we deserve a nice vacation after struggling in day to day job. Some gets this feeling once in a year, some in quarter, some in every month and some gets this every day. So why do we get such feelings? I have no idea, but i think it is because we are very busy and we don’t take out time to relax. You might argue that you sleep 7 to 8 hours every day to relax. Please keep in mind that sleeping is not always relaxing specially when you have habits of spending time on gadgets till your eyes are closed. We need separate routine and habits to relax.

Instead of waiting for a vacation which will come after 3 to 4 months let us look at the ways how can we unwind in simple ways in our current routine.

Breath – I am a strong supporter of a meditation, but I know that it is difficult for many people to sit even for couple of minutes (reasons they only know). For those busy people I suggest, just breathe in and breathe out. Focus on your breath and see how it is coming in and how it is going out. You can do this any time and anywhere. Whether you are commuting or standing in a queue or when you are on coffee break. This allows you to focus on the present moment and you forget all your problems for some time at least. If you observe, then you will realize that this is what we want to do when we are on vacation. We just want a break and want to feel the current moment because present moment gives us the happiness.

Get lost in a nice book – Reading a nice book can take you to a different world. When we are reading we are just there to read and not to do anything else. Get into a comfortable position and get a nice book. Please ensure that you don’t get disturbed by any noise. Create a sacred environment and peaceful surrounding. Many people like to read either at night or in early morning when everyone is sleeping. I mostly read non fiction and fiction books with some good message. Find out which genre attracts you most.

Be artist – I believe that we all are artists and we all can create something beautiful, the reason is that we all are unique and we all have something to tell this to world. We can either do it through writing, painting, speaking, crafts and many many more ways. Some even develop completely new art. I believe that what we do from heart becomes the art. Spend some time of your day in such art and you will feel that your life is beautiful.

Music – Music might be in existence even before man was born. We can find the music in waves of ocean, chirping of birds, and in the leaves of trees when wild wind meets it. Music is everywhere and that is the great source of unwinding. If we just stop from a moment and just notice the sounds of nature around us, then we will feel immense relaxation. We feel like we are with nature and there is no worry in this life. Music has the magic and we all should feel the same. If nature’s sound is not your genre then you can listen to soft instrumental or classical music.

Practice solitude – We rarely spend time with our self and whenever we have to, we feel uncomfortable. Solitude is about being with yourself and clearing your thoughts. When there is a noise around, we cannot see clearly and hence we need some peaceful time with our self. This helps to remove all the negative thinking and allow to focus on what we want. Unwinding is also about getting rid of unnecessary and living with what we like.

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