Taking conscious decisions

Great decisions can change your life for better and it is done in matter of seconds.

We constantly struggle to change many areas of our life like health, financial and relationship. The best part is that we know what we are supposed to do to solve our problems. Like for health we know that we need to change our diet and do exercise. Similarly on financial side we are aware that we need to cut down on unnecessary expenses. We already have realization that we need to spend more time with family. So why can’t we do it?

The reason is that all of the above solutions we know, but we have not accepted it and we have not taken the conscious decisions to apply them. To change our life for better we need to make strong and conscious decisions. Our mind is like monkey, but we have forgotten that we are the master of it. It is controlling us instead of us controlling it. Taking conscious decision is like ordering your mind to change and believe me it is very effective.

I have improved many areas in my life with conscious decisions. I took the decision of waking up early every day and exercise 4 days in a week. After that, it becomes easy for us because now I don’t have to struggle with my mind to find excuses to get up late. It is very powerful tool to get rid of procrastination. Decisions are like commitment to our self to make changes. Our mind is afraid of commitment, but once you commit then there is no looking back.

Most of the time conscious decisions are taken in a motivated moment especially when you have heard someone or have seen the changes in other people’s life. This is the reason why many marketing companies use stories and live examples. This technique is also used by motivational speakers. Another aspect is of the necessity. You don’t have choice but to decide to change. Like your doctor have finally told you that if you want to live, then stop smoking.

We don’t have to wait to find motivational moment or life-threatening situations to decide to change. We can do this right now. Let’s look at how to do it.

  • The first step is to find out what we want to change and how. Most of us already have done this step, but just be conscious about it. It is important to associate decisions with the reasons or benefits. Like you decide to cut down on watching TV because you want to spend more time with family.
  • Find a peaceful place where you are alone. We are going to have a conversation with our own self. Make sure no one disturbs you and also there are no other things like IPAD or laptop to change your focus.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now start thinking on how your life is suffering because you could not change it for better. Let’s continue the example of TV. Think about what you are getting from watching mindless serials or useless news channels. You might realize that you are wasting your time and not getting anything out of it. Think how your life will be if you continue to do so.
  • Now decide what you want to change. In our area reducing the time of watching TV. Now imagine how this can benefit you. You will get more time to spend on yourself. You can read a good book or you can go for a walk. You can spend more time with your wife and kids. You start feeling good about it as this is what we really want.
  • Start changing for few days and see the benefit by yourself. Discuss with your family members to support you on this.
  • Continue these steps for some days until you are confident that your decision is final now and there is no looking back.

We can make changes in our life by simply focusing on what is important for you. It is just that you might face struggle in the starting as we are habituated from long time. It looks difficult, but not impossible. So which life changing decision are you taking today?

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