The Art of Frustration

Frustration is a very commonly used word in today’s life. I think we all feel it in some part of the day and every day. It is a message that the current situation is not pleasant or not in line with our expectation. For, e.g. I want to spend some time with myself, but then there are so many household chores that I need to finish. It definitely frustrates me because there is nothing much I can do here and will have to keep my expectation aside and will have to surrender to the situation and feel angry.

Similarly, we feel frustrated when we are stuck in traffic, or when we are not able to finish our work, or when someone wastes our precious time. We just looked at small matters that frustrates us, but there are important and big matters as well. One of the biggest concerns of the frustration is our distance between our current reality and our dreams. It happens when we do a periodical review or when suddenly it strikes us that we are nowhere close to achieving our dreams. This makes us very uncomfortable and irritation runs through our entire body.

The simple explanation to frustration is that our current reality is not in line with what we want. So how do we handle it? The answer is in the explanation itself. There are two aspects to it, current reality and our expectation. We can only deal with these two to solve our problem. First, we need to understand at which level we can deal with them. The current reality is a physical manifestation and expectation is a production of mind. Depending on the situation and on our goals we will have to alter them. For, e.g. some issues like traffic cannot be managed by us. In this scenario, we can change the expectation and can start utilizing time to learn something.

Another example is of financial status. We might not be where we want to be. Instead of getting frustrated and blaming everyone, we should do some reality checks. We need to come up with some solid plans and we need to be determined to walk on that path without fearing obstacles. Sometimes your speed might be fast and sometimes slow, but the important thing is to grow every day. I do not want to sound like any motivational speaker, but in my own case, I have experienced that we let go many of our dreams because we feel frustrated along the way. There is another aspect to look at frustration from an energy perspective.

Nikola Tesla has mentioned that everything is energy and same has been proved by other scientists as well. We are nothing but a condensed form of energy. Think of our emotion also as a form of energy. When we are irritated, something is building up inside us. It torture us and does not allow us to sleep. This is because we cannot handle this accumulated energy and we want to release it by either taking some stupid steps or by talking about our feelings. As soon as we are done with complaining we feel light. I feel that we should be able to channelize this energy for our own good.

There is a whole science of channelizing the energy, but I am not a master of it. What I know is that when we keep our mind calm, we can utilize our energies better. Similarly, this built up energy of frustration can also be channelized.   We just need to sit calm and be aware that something is not going right. We have an option to utilize this energy by complaining which most of us do or we can take some action. If you observe some of your own past situations, then you will realize that based on your consciousness you have reacted differently in such situations. We just need to fully aware of this energy most of the time to make our life easier.

Now we cannot see the energy, but we can observe our thoughts and that is how we can channelize it. We need to make ourselves aware that complaining or getting angry is not going to help us. Only moving forward and taking some action will take us where we need to go. I heard it somewhere that what life throws at you is not in your control, but how you take it is in your hand. Now let us take the same example of the financial situation. This time instead of talking to people who do not have capabilities to help you, make a plan that will help you move forward. Start looking at great investment options or acquire new skills and change your job or reduce unnecessary expenses.

Be mindful and you can use the energy of frustration for your own benefit.

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